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3E Accounting, founded in Singapore, and now domiciles in India, is a leading global accounting network. As an Accounting Alliance in India, we offer corporate service solutions including:

  • Financial advisory
  • Audit & Assurance
  • Corporate law
  • Secretarial services
  • Domestic tax
  • Business process outsourcing

As a firm, we support and comprehend the faith that our clients place in our services. We believe that Incorporating companies, Compliances, Accounting, Taxation, and Legal are priority number one and key to client success.

As a seasoned corporate service provider in India, 3E Accounting India provides a conducive business environment for foreign investment through the key reforms under the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy. India’s vast population and strong economic fundamentals alongside high consumer confidence make it a preferred destination for investors. Besides the health economy, India guarantees a high level of dedicated professionals offering customer satisfaction and corporate support.

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3E Accounting Offer Wide Range of Services Include:

Setting Up a India Company

Setting Up a India Company for Locals and Foreigners

Incorporation of a Private Limited Company in India

Incorporation of a Private Limited Company in India

Corporate Secretarial Services

Provision of Corporate Secretarial Services

Accounting and Income Tax Services

Accounting and Income Tax Services

Business Licenses Renewal

Business Licenses Renewal

India Business Advisory

India Business Advisory

Why Choose 3E Accounting India?

The future success of your business lies in finding the right partner to work with. At 3E Accounting, our:

Expertise Ensures Quality

Expertise Ensures Quality

We Are proud of the resources that we bring to the task of helping you setup your company in India. Our directors and staff members are experts in their field, who come from diverse, international, academic, cultural and professional backgrounds.

3E Accounting International Network

3E Accounting International Network

We are one of the member firms operating from the network countries of 3E Accounting International Network, with a widely-recognised reputation in providing professional service in accounting as well as helping companies to navigate the ins and outs of setting up new business in the region.


We Are Fast, We Are Responsive

Time is of the essence in all business matters, and no one knows this better than us. We provide a full range of fast, responsive services which we hold to a high standard. There is a lot of uncertainty in the business world, but one thing we can always guarantee is our excellent service, every time. No one will be able to incorporate your India company faster than 3E Accounting, and we’ve got thousands of satisfied customers worldwide to prove it.

Cost-Effective Option

Your Most Cost-Effective Option

Cost is a major factor for any company, especially businesses who are seeking to establish a new company abroad. Which is why 3E Accounting is your most cost-effective option, with one-stop solutions that cover all your corporate formation needs. Our comprehensive accounting-related services meet the highest standards for professionalism, timeliness and value. We provide unsurpassed expertise in all corporate formation aspects, including accounting, taxation, secretarial, marketing and more. If you would like to have a FREE, no-obligation consultation before set up your company in India, kindly call us today, we will gladly discuss ways in which we can help you setup a India business quickly and cost-effectively.

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