Just a Few Clicks Before You Can Visit the Taj Mahal

India Tourist Visa India’s tourist attraction is far-reaching. It has a rich history, varied culture and refined appeal. With over 32 million square kilometres, there is plenty to see and do for tourists of all kinds from any entry points of the country. The English language is also widely spoken in India, making it an attractive destination as there is a minimal barrier to communicating with the locals. To visit India, you would have to get your passport ready and obtain a visa. India tourist visa can be obtained via an online application, making it an added value experience before stepping onto Indian shores.


Tourism Appeal

Besides historical appeal, India has a variety of nature, flora and fauna for nature lovers. Travellers can experience India by foot, air or sea. Art and culture enthusiasts will find exciting performing art, textile art, architecture, music, film, painting and fairs, as well as festivals that will eventually suit their palate. If you are into shopping and dining, India has a wide variety of cuisine, even when you are homesick. Furthermore, India is as modern as it can be while being deep-rooted to traditions, history and culture. While in India, you may find yourself wandering into the land of wonder. As a traveller, you can do all these when you get an India tourist visa.


The Key Entry

Before 2014, travellers would have to obtain a visa at their nearest Indian embassy or consulate in person. In a bid to drive tourism in India, the Indian government decides to implement the e-Tourist visa. The e-Tourist visa is available online at a secured Indian government website. It is a multiple entry visa which means, once applied and approved. You can enter and exit India at any time of the year. The validity period of the approved India tourist visa is 365 days from the date of issuance. Travellers from eligible countries can stay in India for tourism for up to 90 days per entry. The e-Visa is legit at selected entry points of the country. Citizens from specific countries such as Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives do not need a travel visa to enter India.


Applying E-Visa

Before you get excited to visit India, it is crucial to get an India tourist visa to avoid unnecessary embarrassment with local authorities. What you need before applying for an e-Visa, is a valid passport with at least six-month validity before the expiration date. You would also need at least two blank pages of your passport. Be prepared with the following items when you apply for the e-Visa online:

  • Scanned image of the passport details page
  • A most recent photograph of the applicant
  • Debit or credit card for payment
  • Valid and active email address

Applying for the visa must be done at best thirty days before the date of arrival. One practical solution is to save the partially completed form and come back later to finish it. Just write down the temporary ID and use it later to complete the application form. The approval depends on the accuracy of supporting documents.


The E-Visa

The Indian government will email it to you, and you would have to print it out. The print-out is needed by the officials when you arrive at the selected entry points. Be sure that you put it together with the passport used to apply for the e-Visa. Contact us for more information.

India Tourist Visa