Don’t Let the Licenses and Permits Weigh Your Dream Down

How to Set Up a Coffee Shop Business in India

If you ever visited India, you could guess that their unofficial national drink is tea. But did you know that 68% of the population prefers coffee? Well, now that you know, it could be time to set up a coffee shop business in India. Some like it black, while some may prefer innovative flavours. Dreaming about owning a coffee shop is not enough. How about reading on to find out how to go about setting up a coffee shop business.


The Coffee Culture

In India, it is a reasonably new culture, although up to 80% of India’s coffee is grown solely for commercial purposes. Still, the coffee culture is evolving with more youth appreciating coffee. As much as the international brands make coffee available to the Indian citizens, India has her coffee brand. Indian Coffee House brand came around in the 1940s and Café Coffee Day is a competitor of Starbucks today. The coffee culture is one of a kind. If you are a coffee lover, there is much similarity with others worldwide. For like-minded people, coffee provides them with the energy they need at every start of the day. There are also adventurous coffee drinkers wanting to taste artisan coffee. If you have a unique coffee blend, give it a go in your journey to set up a coffee shop business in India.


Coffee as You Like It

An ideal coffee shop can be from convenient online ordering to cosy seating at the café. The option is endless. But fret not, you can include all of these into your coffee shop. Take a moment to imagine how you want to be served. Having a coffee break can mean many things to many people. For some, it means relieving work stress over a cup of coffee. For others, it could be snuggling into a private spot with a good book and great coffee. Besides selling coffee, take note to sell food that compliments coffee as well. The same approach applies, if you have a signature food product that matches the signature coffee, it could be your unique selling point. Other takers can be the welcoming ambience your coffee shop offers. Google coffee shop décor to find which suits your personality and the local community.


Setting Up Shop

First and foremost, it is advisable to incorporate a company. After which, it would be easier to apply for necessary licenses or permits. In India, the following are the licenses needed to obtain before any coffee shop business can commence.

  • Health Trade License – Proving coffee shop owner and its premise is certified safe and clean. The Municipal Corporation or Health Department of respective state will issue the certificate.
  • GST Registration – Obtain a GST number when registering the business for GST.
  • Eating House License – You can obtain this license from the headquarters of state or city police and the Police Commissioner.
  • Fire Security Certificate – The Fire Department inspects the premise for compliance to fire safety requirements and grants the certificate.
  • Shop and Establishment License – This licensed can be obtained from the Labour Department of the respective state your coffee shop business is located.
  • Music License – Only apply for this license if you intend to play music in your coffee shop.
  • FSSAI Food License – The license ensures the use of quality products within your premise. The Food Safety Commissioner is in charge of this license and will grant a 14-digit FSSAI number to the coffee shop owner.

The licenses seem like never-ending. But if you are determined to set up a coffee shop business in India, you can reach out to us. We will gladly help at whichever stage you are.

How to Set Up a Coffee Shop Business in India