Never a Shortage of Tourism and Hotel Business Potential in India

How to Set Up a Hotel Business in India

Rich in culture, heritage and nature make India a hotspot for tourists from all over the world. There seems to be endless tourism in the country as tourists keep coming back for more. India is a must-visit once in a lifetime kind of place. It should be on everyone’s bucket list. That said, India is reforming its pro-business environment to attract foreign investors to its shores. Although Indians know the best of their culture, nature and heritage, foreigners are more likely interested in marketing India as a definite holiday and business destination. Thus, if you plan to set up a hotel business in India, there is no shortage of supporting the government as well as natural appeal to get you going.


For Every Traveller

India is not exclusive for the regal and luxury traveller. India has vast options for every traveller to explore and experience India first hand. There are bed and breakfasts for the backpacking traveller, family-friendly budget hotels as well as luxury branded resorts. For every destination, there is plenty of accommodation of choice. Even if the place is quite the distance from the hotel, there are a plethora of things to do in India that is never a dull moment.


Make It Yours Truly

Owning a hotel business in India is not without fuss. Let’s start with the basics. Before getting serious about setting up a hotel business in India, why not take the time to do some research. Even while you are visiting, you can take note of the needs of a particular area. Keep tabs on cultural and traditional ways; there would be a niche to fill. This niche can be where your hotel services fit the puzzle. By now, you could also decide on the type of hotel business suitable for the area. After that, get a company registered. Foreigners are advised to form a Company where liability is limited to the investment. Now that you are seriously getting involved, time to move on to identifying the area required for your hotel. Even if you want the hotel to reside in the outskirts, be sure there is connectivity to it so that people can reach your hotel. A typical hotel room takes up 220 square feet. The hotel room corridor must be at least two feet wide. Decide how spacious your hotel will be and engage interior designers for the look and feel of your hotel. But, as much as you plan the perfect layout for your hotel, it must meet with the fire safety requirements. The following are licenses needed for your hotel business in India:

  1. Fire Safety Permit – approved by the Fire Department
  2. Building Permit – approved by respective municipals
  3. Police License for Hotel business – approved by Additional Commissioner of Police
  4. Health Trade License – issued by Municipal Corporation
  5. Employee State Insurance – register with the Ministry of Labour
  6. Provident Fund registration – register with Provident Fund Board
  7. Bar License – issued by the state government
  8. FSSAI Food Business License – published by local FSSAI office
  9. GST Registration – register with the tax authority

How to Set Up a Hotel Business in India