It Could Be Your Time to Start a Spa Business

How To Set Up a Spa Business in India

Indians are known for their holistic health remedies. They use spice and herbs to remedy every single discomfort. They have been using natural remedies for generations, and some of the natural home-made remedies have been proven by science. Thus, it is only natural that Indians are accustomed to healthy physical and mental practices. But not all non-native patrons can withstand direct use of herbs or spices on their skin. Thus, foreigners in India still enjoy contemporary spa treatments if available. If you wish to fuse modern-day spa treatments with rich traditional home remedies, you can set up a spa business in India.


The Ayurvedic Method

Traditionally, Indians would utilise the Ayurveda to soothe their aching bodies. It is an ancient method to relieve the body from accumulated toxins. Scientific research shows that accrued toxins in the body can cause a variety of disorder. Thus, the Ayurvedic practise of expelling toxins from the body can now be found in various spa centres around the globe. There are specific massage techniques for each treatment; thus, it is best to seek professional advice on such therapies. But, all in all, Ayurveda aims to balance out your body, mind and soul. It even has spiritual treatment to help customers achieve mindful restfulness.


The Ancient and Modern

Spa centres in India may offer a combination of traditional practice with modern facilities. It is to ensure patrons get to experience the best of both worlds. Some spa centres even offer physical classes to willing customers to learn more about finding inner peace. Yoga is a low tone exercise primal for relaxation and stretching the muscles. Whilst customers can enjoy total pleasure; modern facilities help the customer feel comfortable and safe. Some customers prefer a private room all to themselves, while some enjoy meeting new people on the same journey to better health. Therefore, if you desire to set up a spa business in India, do take note of individual needs. It ensures a favourable outcome in the long term.


The Dream Spa

It could stem from a visit to a spa that left you feeling like a new person. A spa treatment can do wonders to the body, mind and soul. If you want to set up a spa business in India, here’s a general guideline to do so.

  1. Market analysis – conduct one to know what’s lacking and what’s expected. It includes services, pricing, and customer demographics. This will lead you to a gap where your spa can fill in.
  2. Detailed business plan – Go as detailed as you can so that you know how much you need to spend. If you are low on capital, then you can reduce to only the necessary start-up.
  3. Pick your services – it can be massages – facial, full-body, foot, or aromatherapy or similar therapies or complete relaxing treatments.
  4. Register a company – choose from a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability company.
  5. Decide on the location, number of rooms, renovation, equipment, products, number of employees, training for employee, interior decoration, uniform.
  6. Obtain a license and register the necessary – Shop and Establishment License, GST Registration, VAT & Sales Tax Registration.
  7. Hire certified employees.
  8. Price it right.

The spa segment in India lacks regulation. Thus, it is up to you the spa operators to operate a spa at the highest standards of etiquette, hygiene, and professionalism.

How To Set Up a Spa Business in India