Start Small and Niche, but Stay Competitive in the Travel Agency Business

How to Start a Travel Agency in India

Out of billions of people around the globe, there is only a handful of them disliking travel. They may hate travelling, but they could be good at business. Still, it is helpful to learn a thing or two on how to start a travel agency in India. Not all travel agencies require the owner to travel elsewhere unless they are expanding the business. Thus, read on to see if you are ready to commence a travel agency of your own.


The Plan

All businesses start with a business plan. If you love to travel, you would have an idea of how things work for a travel agency. Even if you go on a shoestring budget, at some point, you still need the assistance of a travel agency. Hence, to ensure your ideal travel agency could withstand tests of time or even angry customers, it is best that you start to research what niche can you offer and how to exceed customers’ expectations most of the time. Your research can begin from your local area; places that can provide tourism experiences for non-native local tourist or as a transit before reaching a more popular tourist attraction. Your research must be comprehensive and all-encompassing. It includes what your target audience wants and their preferences, including the method of searching for new experiences. The more data or information you get, the quicker you figure out how to start a travel agency in India.


The Hard Work

Your research could take up to one year before you decide to launch your travel agency. When you finally decide to get on with the hard work, the first thing you could do is come up with a brand name and a tagline. Either one can be catchy and easy to mention as easy to remember. If you have decided on what makes your travel agency a niche, then start to promote it via social media platforms. The travelling population are mostly made up of youth around the globe. These globe-trotting youth are consistently on their social media network. Whether it is to share their travels or to search for new places of interest, the social media network is the right place to start your travel agency promotion.


Keeping It Legal

If you are only starting as a small travel agency in India, your choice of a business entity could be a limited liability company or a private limited company. Thus, any business entity must be registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India. The only other licensing you need to be aware of is to register your brand as a registered trademark. This is to ensure your unique brand name belongs to only you. It is also wise to register the brand name as a domain name so that people can find you online. Government of India has yet to make it mandatory for all travel agencies to be a government-approved agency. But if you desire to become one, you will be open to substantial benefits for your travel agency business.

How to Start a Travel Agency in India