Start an Event Management Company in India at Little to No Cost

How to Start an Event Management Company in India

Have you ever enjoyed a good party or any event? A good event stems from excellent coordinating skills as well as good people skills. The guests expect an event that seems effortless on the forefront. But, who knew behind the scenes, it takes a lot of work to ensure every single thing goes smoothly. Still, sometimes hiccups happen, and you get the urge to fix something on the spot. If a drawback at an event makes you wonder the solutions to it, you could probably learn how to start an event management company in India.


Start Small

Event management requires plenty of skills. One of the critical skills in negotiating. If you are pretty good at this, you can do wonders when you start your event management company. At some point in our lives, we have managed some events. Be it a small gathering of friends and families or even just a reunion of old classmates over coffee. At any point, you would need to find common ground on the date, time and venue. Hence, if those are settled, it is time to get to the invitation list. To add some fun, maybe add in a theme for the party. Finally, the stipulated day comes to be. Voila! You have just managed a small scale event. Looking back, you probably did not pay a single penny for any part of it. Thus, this is one way to start an event management company in India. Start small using your own family gathering or classmates reunions and build up from there onwards.


Find Your Niche

If you ask around, most will say event management is all about managing events and coordinating between different services. While that is true, other events have additional requirements. Take weddings, for instance. An Indian wedding is all the more colourful, festive and could have several receptions. Furthermore, if a family has specific traditions or customs, that adds to the adversity of organising and managing such an event. Learn from the experience of running parts of an event so that you will know which component you can do better. Experience can also come from attending events as well and observe how one factor connects to the other to make the event a success. The most satisfying part of event management is getting a thumbs up at any time of the event. While you find your niche, also seek to satisfy and exceed expectations if possible.


Get Registered

If you have dabbled in event managements before, then it is time to get your company registered. Registering a company will benefit you in terms of gaining trust. First and foremost, identify which business entity you prefer. The easiest is a Sole Proprietorship. This could be your first option if you are registering on your own. But, if you already have at least a 5-year business plan, it is wise to register a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). If the worst happens within the five years, your liability to the company is limited to your capital investment. We would rather for you to be safe than sorry.

How to Start an Event Management Company in India