From Taj Mahal to Lake Palace, There Are Endless Attractions to Choose From

Travel in India What’s behind the tourism tagline Incredible India? As the tagline says, India is a majestic place as it preserves much of its historical sites and stories in various architectures. It is a vast land with famous sites such as the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort and Lake Palace. If you take a trip to every corner of India, you will find extensive historical facts that connect it to other great civilizations globally. Besides its heritage trail, modern-day India is nothing short of success in its own right. Now, its economy is driven by various sectors, including services and tourism. Thus, take this quick guide to find out what’s great when it comes to travel in India.


Getting to India

If you wonder how to get to India, start searching for airlines that fly direct. If you desire a little adventure, you can try getting to India using various land and sea transportation. India has four international airports, but the busiest in Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport. To enter India, you will need a visa, and you can apply for it online. The recent move to enable visa online application is to boost its tourism industry.


Tourist Spot Essentials

India’s weather depends on whether you are up in the North, which can have a colder climate or South, hotter and sunnier. Be prepared with comfortable summer outfits as India’s sun can be unnervingly hot at times. Never forget your sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, camera or enough storage on your phone. You will be taking endless selfies or photos of the majestic sites you visit when you travel to India.


Go Here, Go There, Go Everywhere

It can be overwhelming to want to be at every profound tourist attraction in India. But keep it simple and get to the Taj Mahal in Agra first. It is the most notable place for every tourist in India to visit. After that, if architecture is your thing, carry on to visit all the magnificent forts, palaces and mosques structures India offers. You could even take a ferry to visit the Lake Palace, which was once featured in a James Bond film, Octopussy. Each has a story to tell, and it could make your Insta-story worth the view. Otherwise, you might want to sample every cuisine and culture India can offer. Each meal is worth experiencing, from the Northern Indian cuisine to the spicy Southern Indian delicacies at least once in a lifetime. You might be hooked on one or two and want to try to cook it yourself back home. Shopping in India can be amazing, provided if you have the budget. From silk sarees to all sorts of souvenirs, a shopaholic could find it difficult to keep up. Almost at every tourist spot, there will be a bazaar featuring its significance of the place.


For Business or for Pleasure

India has plenty to offer to visitors. Even if you are visiting for business, India’s different culture would certainly make a lasting impression. If time permits, spend it wisely as you travel in India, for it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Different Modes of Transport to Try When You Travel in India

Travelling in India can be an exciting and unpredictable adventure. If you have not visited India before, you will be a little taken aback by the huge crowds moving about, the scenic beauty, the infrastructure, the aroma of street-side food and the noise of transport and crowd. But, if you are an adventurous person, you will embrace the chaos and find it a pleasurable experience. The only things you need to take care of while you travel in India are to ensure your belongings are safe and to use the right modes of transport.

Transportation is the cause of both comfort and discomfort. Hence, you need to be tactful while choosing your travel mode. India offers several ways to get from one place to another, like hopping onto a train, riding a taxi or a bus, or using a waterway. With sufficient knowledge and caution, you can be sure of getting an unforgettable experience, whichever method you prefer for travel.

Let us look at some of the most common modes of transport in India in detail:

By Trains

If you want to get a genuine travelling experience in India, you must travel by train. A journey by train will guarantee many unforgettable moments you can cherish for a long time. Your journey’s comfort level will depend on factors like where you are travelling to and how you are travelling, whether by AC First Class, AC 2 Tier or 3 Tier, or Sleeper class. If you travel in Sleeper class, you can enjoy the views from your window, interact with other co-passengers, and relish the snacks and spiced tea served by vendors inside your compartment.

By Air

The main advantage of using air travel to move from one place in India to another is the speed at which you reach your destination. However, the flight quality will depend on the airline you choose and from where you are flying. The cons of air travel are flight delays, which are always an issue in India, and the congestion you experience during domestic flights.

By Metro Trains

Travelling via Metro trains is more comfortable, and you can reach your location quickly without any hassles. The metros in Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Delhi are fully air-conditioned and modern, and convenient to get around the city. The fares are higher than local trains or buses, but it is worth paying since you get fewer crowds and extra comfort. There are also special carriages exclusively reserved for women.

By Buses

Buses are the cheapest way to travel anywhere in India. There are modern buses available these days that are air-conditioned, with cushioned seats and other added features. If you are a newcomer to India, you should first try travelling by luxury buses since a local bus can be quite dirty and crowded. One great benefit of bus travel for long journeys is that you can book tickets at even the last minute, which is impossible with trains. Drivers stop the bus frequently during long journeys, allowing you to freshen up or eat your meals. It is best to avoid travelling to local areas by bus in any of the cities.

By Autorickshaws

They are perfect when you are making short trips and are a great way to enjoy the sights and sounds along the way to your destination. Since they are compact in size, rickshaws usually easily find their way out even in heavy traffic. The fares are also generally cheap, but there are some drivers who tamper with their meters, demanding high fares from people unfamiliar with the area. An important tip to remember is to ensure that the auto driver turns on his meter before driving. Apps like Ola and Uber offer booking for autos which is the best way to travel.


Taxis are excellent to move around in big cities and are available everywhere, especially near railway stations and airports. Fares are reasonable during the daytime but are usually higher at night. You should first check with the driver to know what rate he will charge for night travel. There are also options for sharing rides with other passengers, which helps to reduce your fares.

  • Hiring taxis through apps like Uber or Ola:
    Book a cab with a single click using mobile apps like Uber or Ola. Travelling in these taxis is very convenient since they are available at short notice whenever you want from anywhere across the country. They are very comfortable, being air-conditioned, clean and spacious. You also reach your location quickly since they have no stops in between. These cabs are popular for their reliable meters and straightforward fares. Such taxis make travelling more pleasant and help avoid altercations with drivers over high fares.


Kolkata is the only Indian city where you can travel by tram. The city’s tram network is around a century old and provides a unique way to move around the city. It is excellent for tourists who want to explore the sights of the city at a relaxed pace. However, avoid the tram if you want to reach any location in a hurry.


This is a mode of travelling available only in India’s coastal regions. Ferries are more economical than other means of transport and are also more pleasant than travelling via long-distance roads. They are bigger than boats in size, and can people can even use them to transport your vehicle across the water.


These rickshaws are perfect if you want to move locally and enjoy the sights in a specific region. Such vehicles are still seen in cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, or Punjab. However, they are not suitable for quick transport since they are not motorized. Their speed will depend on how fast your driver can pedal with his legs.


Choose the Most Suitable Travel Option

If you want to travel to India, there are countless means of transport at your disposal that you can try. Select one that would be best-suited and efficient for the particular region. Travel by trains or buses if your budget is limited and if you are not in a hurry. It would be more prudent to travel for local sightseeing by cycle rickshaw, autorickshaw, or taxi. Drivers of such vehicles will even act as your guide as they take you around.

Travel in India