How to Apply for Your Certificate of Incorporation

Legal business in India requires an India certificate of incorporation. This legal document proves you are a valid business in the country.

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What Is an India Certificate of Incorporation?

If you’re a private limited company in India, you need to be recognised as officially incorporated. To obtain this certificate, you must register with the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Your certificate will be issued by the Registrar upon approval. This signals you are now incorporated in compliance with the Companies Act. Your certificate acts as conclusive evidence your business is legally formed.


What Is on Your Certificate?

On your India certificate of incorporation, you will find the following details:


How Do I Apply for A Certificate?

To apply for your certificate of incorporation in India, you will need to fulfil the following steps:

  • Apply for your Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Apply for your Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  • Conducting a company name search
  • Applying for your business name if available
  • Drafting your Memorandum of Affiliation/Association
  • Drafting your Article of Association
  • Completing your e-forms per the Registrar of Companies’ requirements
  • Pay the Registrar of Companies fees
  • Pay your stamp duty fees
  • Checking all the Registrar’s reports and forms


Can I Modify My Certificate?

Once you get your certificate, that is your company’s identity. Think of it as your business’s birth certificate. If you want to modify it, you must check if the new company name is available first. You will then need to apply for approval with the Registrar. Only if approved will you be issued with a new certificate.

The address of the company cannot be modified on the certificate. You will need to apply using the relevant forms and make changes to the master data. Since the address is on the date of incorporation, no changes can be made.


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India Certificate of Incorporation