Make the Move to Singapore with 3E Accounting’s Global Relocation Services

Global Relocation
One of the most stressful changes we can make is when we uproot our lives entirely and move to a new, foreign country. That is why partnering with the right global relocation services team is key to your success in Singapore.

Moving anywhere can be a stressful ordeal. The amount of work involved packing and moving and making sure all your affairs are in order is a time-consuming affair. Not to mention the stress that comes with having to get used to a new environment and a new routine. When you move, you’re basically starting your life all over again. And that is just if you move locally.

Moving abroad is an even bigger job and it definitely comes with a bigger workload and stress you might not have dealt with before. It is not uncommon for many to feel out of place when they first migrate to a new country, especially if they don’t have a lot of family and friends around.

But the excitement and the new possibilities that come with such a big move make it all worthwhile. Especially when you work with a team like 3E Accounting. India is a beautiful country, but for those who are ready to spread their wings overseas, we’ve got you covered.

Select the Services that you require for Global Relocation


Reasons to Move to Singapore

Besides scaling your business to new heights and opening the door to more possibilities, there are plenty of reasons to consider relocation to Singapore. It is one of the most prosperous and stable countries in Asia with plenty of public service conveniences, Singapore is the friendliest and warmest place in Asia for working individuals and families alike.

Singapore is a bustling and thriving international hub. Which means we have nationalities who have come from all over the world to call Singapore home. Including India. Singapore has a large talent pool which has played a role in reinforcing the country’s reputation as one of the most productive and motivated workforces in Asia. Consisting of citizens from many diverse racial backgrounds also offers the advantage of a multilingual workforce.


Make the Right Move with Your Moving Specialists

As a global industry leader in many areas, 3E Accounting is no stranger to helping migrants set up in Singapore. With our main office in Singapore, we have helped many migrants, employees, and budding entrepreneurs in the past establish a foothold in Singapore.

Moving abroad is stressful enough. Getting your visa and paperwork in order should not be. That is why many of our services are all-in-one. Employment Pass services, for example, cover everything that you need from start to finish.

We offer all-in-one Singapore Company Incorporation Services too for our clients in India who want to set up a business in Singapore. Part of that service includes helping you relocate here to manage your business. Once you’ve got the right work pass, making the transition to a Singapore PR will be a seamless process.


Work In Partnership with 3E Accounting

With offices all over the world, 3E Accounting are the global relocation experts. We guide and provide helpful information to our clients about everything they need to know before moving to Singapore.

Get all the information you need about relocation and what to expect, including insight about the immigration and visa process. We help you acclimate to your new surroundings quickly so it won’t be long before you and your loved ones call Singapore home.
Global Relocation
Ask our friendly consultants about our full range of services and which global relocation services best fits your needs. For more information about our Global Relocation Services, especially if you intend to start a business in Singapore, get in touch with the 3E Accounting team.

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