HR Consulting and Advisory Services Are Crucial to the Makings of a Successful Company. Discover How We Can Help You Today!

Eager to set up your very own business in India? You’ve come to the right place. India is one of the world’s largest marketplace and is an ever-developing market. Setting up or improving an existing business in India can reap handsome profits and does wonders for your business. With 3E Accounting’s HR consulting and advisory services in India, you can achieve just that and more.

3E Accounting India has the perfect solution for all your human resources and advisory needs. Our firm understands that creating a business is no easy task and can be overwhelming. That’s why we are dedicated to offering you a plethora of human resources and advisory solutions, all the way from planning, developing, training to coordinate administrative functions for your organization.

3E Accounting India has the perfect solution for all your human resources and advisory needs.


Why is Outsourcing a Smarter Choice?

In today’s age, more companies are opting to outsource their HR consults and advisory needs. This happens due to the expensive requirements needed in developing an HR and advisory department. Outsourcing HR allows greater efficiency within an organization, which means you get to focus more on strategizing your company, all while saving more money and increasing productivity.


3E Accounting India Hr and Advisory Services

3E Accounting’s HR consulting and advisory services in India has helped many businesses to expand and thrive for the betterment. Our cost-effective service includes:

  • Recruitment.
    We are dedicated to finding you the ideal employees for your business. Our firm will handle the screening process through an extensive search of potential candidates by their education and work experience. Furthermore, a thorough background check will be conducted to analyse their compatibility with the objectives and vision of the company.
  • Training.
    After recruiting, our team will coach the new employees to understand their job scope from top to bottom. We will guide them through every step of the way so that they are fully aware of their tasks and responsibilities and carry their duties out accordingly.
  • Paperwork.
    Despise being buried under paperwork? Worry no more. We are trained in drafting contracts, official letters, handbooks, agreements, terms and conditions, applications, memorandums, rolls and the whole nine yards.
  • Counselling and guidance.
    Everybody needs a place to let loose occasionally. Our experts offer advice, constructive criticism and listen to employees’ concerns. The well-being of both employer and employees are our topmost priority.
  • Compliance management.
    Our team has in-depth knowledge and legal professionals to help our clients understand law and regulations. We will ensure that your organization adheres and obeys legal standards. Not only that, our HR services and advisory will also make sure that all the companies’ policies are effectively communicated and followed ethically.

…and so much more. Our experts in audit, accounting, taxation, and legal form a comprehensive firm in helping people to build their businesses successfully.


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In 3E Accounting India, we believe that happy employees create a conducive environment for an organization to flourish. We’re invested in meeting the needs of the company and its employees in every way. 3E Accounting is committed to offering the best HR consulting and advisory services to help companies in India and all over the world reach their highest potential. Consult 3E Accounting’s HR consulting and advisory services in India for your businesses today!

Human Resources Consulting and Advisory Services in India