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3E Accounting India is the leading provider of company formation and administration services for small to medium-sized private limited companies in India.

If you are expanding your business portfolio internationally – Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and Africa. You can also get the assistance from 3E Accounting India to strengthen your global footprints.

3E Accounting is an International network that was built upon the idea of assisting people to set up their dream companies and or expand them not only onshore but offshores as well. We believe in aiding you to set up your respective companies from scratch in any country you desire to set your foot on. Our team of experts has a good hold in other jurisdictions set up worldwide with their strong ties and networks overseas. In the past we have helped people develop their companies across the globe in almost every corner of the Earth may it be Asia, Europe, Africa, America Australia. You name the place, and we aid you to chart your company there. Well, this is what other jurisdictions setup is all about.

Guide You Throughout the Process

Our real interest lies not only in the goal to help you set your company, but in the journey, to guide you throughout the process of filing, certification, and gaining permits for the company without any hassle. There are varying requirements according to varying countries you desire to set your company in, and with them, we make sure we assist you in meeting them most conveniently. As mentioned earlier, we have our jurisdictions set up worldwide, which has not only given us experience in handling other jurisdictions setup but gave us the expertise to set up businesses of different niche. Thus, we completely understand the types of licenses which need to be applied for different businesses.


Why Use Our Services

Our services are affordable and it will ease all your tension regarding the document preparation, form submissions to the relevant authorities, registration for a tax number and many more such tedious task. We assure to provide you services within the stipulated time so that you can start the operations of the business quickly. We value your time.


Our services just don’t stop with the business set up, we also help you in building marketing strategies so that you can get the inertial push to step in the new market. We have a team of marketers who can help you in building marketing strategies for the state where you want to set up your company. This ability of ours has been appreciated by many companies and they have now become pioneers in the market today.

Global Company Registration Service Provider

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