Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in Argentina

Company Registration in ArgentinaArgentina is located in the southern part of South America. It is the eighth-largest country in the world, subdivided into twenty-three provinces and one autonomous city. It is rich in culture, hospitality, and biodiversity. Thus, company registration in Argentina is apt for all investor. 3E Accounting provides valuable consultancy services from scratch.


Why Register Your Company in Argentina

If you are thinking about company registration in Argentina, then be sure to receive the following benefits.

  • Booming Economy: The economy of Argentina is experiencing a great boom due to its highly literate population, industrial development, export-oriented production, agriculture, and abundant natural resources. Technology in the country is growing rapidly. The state also has a reasonably good rating on the Human Development Index.
  • Growing Industrial Base: The country has a strong industrial sector. Further, the growth in the Agriculture sector, the Automobile sector, Oil and Gas sector is beneficial for the country. The government commits to new renewable energy projects as well.
  • Bilingual Population: Argentina is known for its educated and young people. The people are equally fluent in both English and Spanish. This makes it easier to hire local people and communicate with them. Therefore, Argentina proves to be a suitable location for business.
  • Phenomenal Quality of Life: Argentina is a perfect place to live in. It enjoys a remarkable quality of life and is a top tourist destination. Moreover, the country is known for its culture, warmness and kindness and hospitality.
  • Excellent Service Sector: Argentina is popular for its advanced telecommunication system. Apart from this, the country has well-connected roads and modern infrastructure. Further, it has one of the most extended rail networks, numerous ports, and airports. The state is affordable for sending international shipments.


Various Business Entities in Argentina

  • Corporation: To start a Corporation in Argentina, a minimum of 2 shareholders are necessary. In addition, the minimum investment is AR$ 100.000. The majority of the board of directors must stay in Argentina and hold regular meetings and furnish financial reports periodically.
  • Limited Liability Company: There must be a minimum number of two shareholders, and three directors, out of which one must belong to Argentina. Additionally, the company’s capital must be divided into stocks.
  • Simplified Shares Company: It is a more straightforward process of setting up a business in the country. It also requires a minimum of one shareholder. The advantage of such a business entity is it needs low minimum capital and takes less time to set up.
  • Branch of Foreign Corporation: The companies with headquarters in other countries can set up their office in Argentina. There must be a representative of the company in Argentina.

Company Registration in Argentina


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