The Comprehensive Guide to Company Registration in Bolivia

Company Registration in BoliviaBolivia boasts abundant natural resources, strategic trade relationships, and has a welcoming attitude towards foreign investors. As an associate member of MERCOSUR, the country enjoys access to a significant economic bloc, further enhancing its appeal. In this comprehensive guide, we provide insights into the steps for a successful company registration in Bolivia and how you can leverage the vast potential of this Andean nation.


Understanding the Bolivian Market

While Bolivia may not be the most widely recognized investment destination in Latin America, it boasts consistent economic growth, with GDP reaching as high as 6.8%. Key sectors include agriculture, mining, hydrocarbons, and a growing tech industry poised for post-pandemic economic recovery.

Bolivia maintains strong trade ties with neighboring countries, offering opportunities for exports such as oil, gas, zinc, and agricultural products. It has signed double taxation treaties with several European and Latin American nations, making it increasingly attractive to global investors.


Types of Companies in Bolivia

These are the types of companies in Bolivia:

  • Limited Liability Company (SRL): Ideal for most businesses with minimal requirements.
  • Public Corporation (Sociedad Anónima): Offers flexibility with a minimum of 3 shareholders.
  • Limited Liability Partnership (Sociedad en Comandita Simple): Provides collaboration options.
  • Branch (Sucursal): Suitable for foreign companies expanding into Bolivia.
  • Representative Office (Oficina de Representación): For market assessment and initial presence.

The typical timeline for company registration in Bolivia ranges from six to eight weeks.


Steps for Company Incorporation in Bolivia

Below are the essential steps to incorporate a company in Bolivia:

Draft and Sign a Power of Attorney

To appoint a legal representative, draft and sign a Power of Attorney (POA), granting the individual the authority to act on your behalf before local authorities and sign documents.

Create and Legalize Company Bylaws

The company bylaws outline the company’s purpose, structure, and operations. They include shareholder details and must be legalized by a notary public to be valid.

Register the Company

Register your company with Bolivia’s Public Registry of Commerce (Registro Público de Comercio), providing essential information such as company name, entity type, office address, economic activity, and commercial purposes. This can often be done online, resulting in a commercial registration number, establishing your company’s legal status.

Obtain a Tax ID Number (NIT)

After receiving a commercial registration number, you can request a Tax Identification Number (NIT) from the National Tax Service (Servicio de Impuestos Nacionales). Required documents include the Commercial Registration Number, notarized Power of Attorney, ID of the Legal Representative, and the office’s electricity bill and sketch.

Register With Health Insurance and Pension Funds Administration

Register your company with Bolivia’s National Health Insurance (Caja de Salud) and a Pension Fund Administration (Administradoras de Fondos de Pensiones or AFP). These mandatory registrations involve contributing to employees’ healthcare and pension funds.

Open a Corporate Bank Account

To begin operations, open a corporate bank account in Bolivia, with an initial deposit typically around USD 500. Select a bank with favorable international transaction options.

Apply for a Municipal Operating License

Obtain a Municipal Operating License (Licencia de Funcionamiento Municipal) from the local municipality where your office is situated. Requirements vary based on your business type, size, and other factors.

Finalize Registration With Initial Investment

Complete the registration by depositing your initial investment into the corporate bank account.


Visa Requirements for Foreign Investors in Bolivia

Foreign entrepreneurs looking to invest USD 30,000 or more in Bolivia can apply for a business visa. This application typically takes a few weeks and grants permanent residence after two years of uninterrupted stay in the country.

Citizenship becomes an option after three years of residency. For short visits of fewer than 30 days to assess market demand or meet contacts, no visa application is necessary. An extension of up to 60 days is possible without fees if requested before the initial 30-day period expires.



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Company Registration in Bolivia