Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in Brazil

Company Registration in Brazil
Every legitimate document required for company registration in Brazil stipulated by the government agencies.

When you’re a foreigner and plan for company registration in Brazil, you only have two options. You could either set up a Branch or a Subsidiary. For the branch, you must seek endorsement from the Federal Executive Branch of Brazil and it is commonly preferred by banks and airline companies.

The most common step in company registration begins with business name approval and reservation on the Registry online platform. All you need to do is have a distinct business name before the name search. The State Commercial Registry is responsible for the entire process of name searching and company registration.


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Get Into Business in Brazil

Should you decide on company registration in Brazil, you must ensure that all the necessary documents are ready. This means you must have your Articles of Association officially ready explaining the activities of the company, the capital formation, the owner/founders with their personal details among others. Besides the Articles of Association, ensure you have a copy of the National Register Application, and a standard application.
Now, to complete the registration process the Board of Trade will issue you with a company Registration Identification Number (NIRE) after presenting the following:

  • A company name certificate
  • An endorsement of payment of the registration fees (DARF)
  • An official request for registration
  • A certified copy of Identification documents of all members

Once you have attained the NIRE, you’re now eligible to register your company as a taxpayer. The National Registry of Legal Entities is responsible for that when it comes to company registration in Brazil. They will issue a CNPJ number to you online —  a reference number set by. A simplified process is now functioning under the National Network for Simplification of Registration and Legalization of Business. You will need to have the key entry form (DBE), and the application form of a legal entity referred to as FCPJ.

Now, the basic requirement for incorporating a Limited Liability company in Brazil is a minimum of two (2) shareholders also known as Quota holder, one director and a legal representative who must be a Brazilian resident. There is no minimum paid-up capital required.

Company Registration in Brazil


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For you to legally operate your business, you must have a business license and depending on the nature of your business it’s mandatory to apply for a business license with the municipality. As part of company registration in Brazil, registration with the Social Security Institution (INSS) is a compulsory requirement even when you don’t have employees.

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