Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in Greece

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Greece is a magnificent destination for international investors for many reasons, and it is no surprise that the number of investors and corporations going for company registration in Greece has gone up over the last few years. The country’s geographic location makes access to the Middle East and Southeast Europe easy. This implies that investors can easily access these huge markets with their products and services from Greece.

Besides, Greece happens to be the only country in the region that has a membership to both EMU and EU. This sole fact results in a lot of trade benefits for businesses in Greece. The low levels of the bureaucracy of company formation in Greece encourage investors. Once you fulfil all the requirements, you can have your business fully registered. Then, ready to transact in less than ten days.


What We Can Do

At 3E Accounting, we provide corporate services to corporation and investors keen on setting up bases in Greece. When considering company registration in Greece, the requirements will be different depending on the type of company or the legal entity you are interested in starting. For instance, you will need to draft the memorandum of association or the articles of association. Then, you should choose a name for the business, open the corporate bank accounts, register an address for the company in Greece, and elect an accountant among other things.

As a foreigner – who may not be well conversant with all the requirements. You may find it a bit overwhelming, and not knowing what to do may make you spend a lot of time and resources in registering your company. However, you can choose to use our corporate services to simplify the process of registering your business in Greece. We have a team of extremely competent lawyers, accountants and tax experts who will go at great lengths to ensure that you register just the right kind of entity that will allow you achieve your goals of doing business in Greece.


The Types of Legal Entities in Greece

Here is a brief look at some of the legal entities you may consider during company registration in Greece:

Limited Liability Corporation, EPE

To register a limited liability corporation in Greece, the following requirements will be applicable:

  • A minimum share capital of 4,500 Euros and half of this must be paid in cash at the time of incorporation.
  • There have to be at least two shareholders
  • Statutory financial reporting is mandatory for this type of entity


Joint Stock Company

This is the most common type of business entity for major public companies, and it is ideal for investors who want to start very big businesses in Greece. Its formation requires a minimum share capital of 60,000 Euros. A board of directors will be responsible for the day to day operations of the business, and it must also have auditors for the mandatory statutory financial reporting.


Investors are free to register either general partnerships or limited partnerships. In general partnerships, the members don’t have limited liability as with the limited partnerships. Most foreign investors in Greece tend to prefer a limited liability partnership which is more flexible and comes with the assurance of limited liability in terms of debts and obligation. At least two members need to register a partnership, with a minimum share capital of 1,000 Euros.

Company Registration in Greece


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