Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in Ireland

Easy Company Registration in Ireland with 3E Accounting If you desire to establish a new business in Ireland, 3E Accounting is here to offer you the best business incorporation services in the country. We also have decades of experience helping investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world register business entities in several countries across the globe, and we are ready to make your company registration in Ireland as smooth as possible. Our team is knowledgeable on all the business registration procedures in Ireland, and depending on your preferred entity, we will provide you with sound advice so that you start your operations smoothly.

Here is precisely what you will get when you use business incorporation services-:

  • We do all the paperwork necessary for forming a company in Ireland on your behalf
  • We act as secretary for your newly formed company
  • Also, we help you open all the necessary corporate bank accounts
  • Register the company for taxes on your behalf
  • Advise you on tax optimization so that you can ensure compliance, and without paying too much on taxes
  • We can form a company remotely so that you don’t have to fly to Ireland


Why Should You Establish a Company in Ireland?

If you are an investor thinking of expanding overseas or establishing an entirely new business abroad, then here are some of the convincing reasons why the Republic of Ireland may be such a good destination:

Business-friendly Environment

Ireland’s rank on 11th out of 82 countries by the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Index. It means that it is one of the most attractive locations for starting and running businesses owing to its political stability and the respected regulatory time among other factors.

Ease of Registration and Minimal Share Capital Requirement

You will be surprised to know that the process of company registration in Ireland can take anywhere between one to five days after the required documentation is submitted. Furthermore, it is not mandatory that you open a bank account at the time of registration. It is also pleasing to note that the minimum share capital required to register a limited company in Ireland is just EUR

Favourable Taxation System

Tax usually is a huge concern for an investor when starting businesses abroad, and the Republic of Ireland has some of the move favorable taxation systems in Europe. The corporate tax rate in Ireland is set at 12.5% of all the trading profits. This is the least compared to other equally attractive destination such as Luxembourg, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Ease of Business Administration

After company registration in Ireland, it is easy to make any subsequent changes at the Companies Registration Office. Unlike other countries in the EU, you will not need to have a notary present before you can make the desired changes on the company deeds.


Types of Business Entities You Can Register in Ireland

Here are some of the business entities you can register in Ireland. If you don’t know which ones to register, our company registration experts in Ireland will help you consider all the choices available and help you pick on the one that will be most suitable in helping you achieve all your business goals.

  • Private Company Limited By Shares
  • Designated Activity Company
  • Company Limited by Guarantee
  • Branch Company
  • Public Limited Company
  • Limited Partnership Company
  • Sole Trader


Company Registration in Ireland


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