Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in Israel

Get a Quick Company Registration in Israel With 3E Accounting The process of company registration in Israel is now easier than it used to be before 2014. It is not just the time for incorporation that was reduced. It is also some of the tedious processes and the red tapes are no longer there.

However, it may still complicate foreigners and this why we avail quality, affordable and reliable incorporation services. It is to enable you to register your preferred entities in Israel. Talk to us if you need to register a company in Israel. Then you can call us if you need advice about business incorporation in Israel.


Government Incentives on Some Businesses

There are certain sectors in Israel where setting up a business will come along with attractive government incentives. This is part of the government’s efforts to encouraging entrepreneurship and also attracting more investors into the country. The Israeli government provides grants and other nice incentives to investors willing to invest in research and development.

With such, you can get grants of up to 50% of the total approved expenditure for your business. There is also a robust advisory service support system for all companies in their early stages, as well as any company accepted in the Israeli-based accelerator programs. These are just but a few of the subtle benefits you will get entitlement when running a company in Israel.


Legal Entities in Israel

According to the Israeli Companies Ordinance, the following are the main types of entities you may consider for company registration in Israel:

Private Limited Company

A private limited company in Israel consists of between one and fifty shareholders. There must also be at least one director. To register a private limited company, the following documents will be necessary, and they have to be certified by an attorney:

  • Application for company registration
  • Declaration by the initial director or directors about their competency to serve
  • Signatures of the initial shareholders on the Articles of Association


Public Company

A public company’s shares can include in trading on the stock exchange. They can also be offered to the public as a way of raising funds for the company.

Foreign Company

Investors considering company registration in Israel also have the option of registering a foreign company in Israel. However, the rules governing the registration of foreign companies in Israel are a bit stringent, and such are always under the keen scrutiny of the law. For you to operate a foreign company in Israel, or keep a place of business as a foreign company in Israel, the registration process entails the following:

  • Translation into Hebrew of the company’s incorporation documents
  • A list of directors of the company
  • The name, as well as the address of an Israeli resident authorized by the company to receive judicial documents on its behalf
  • A certified copy of a power of attorney allowing the resident in Israel to transact on behalf of the company while in Israel


Company Registration in Israel


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