Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in Japan

Company Registration in Japan With 3E Accounting Services Japan has been known worldwide for its technological advancement and innovations. So, the country is a haven for a modern-day investor mind. The workforce here is very smart which is an added advantage for company registration in Japan. Japanese are known to be better performers as they are very dedicated to their jobs. The booming sectors of Japan are health care, IT and automation industry. Therefore, this country is a complete innovation hub which makes it an excellent place to start a business.

With our services, registering a company here is easy as our team is well-versed with the government policies and authorities. This will be very helpful for the foreigners who want to expand their wings to Japan. We offer professional guidance as we have many years of experience in company registration in Japan for both locals and foreigners. Our experts will provide you with all the details for beginning the set-up process.


Choosing the Right Business Structure for Investment

While choosing our services, you need to tell us your business requirements so that we can understand the business objectives. This will help our experts in selecting the right business structure for you. If you fail to choose the right business entity, it can incur losses – this can be your worst nightmare. Hence, avail of our reliable services to select the right business entity.

Limited Liability Company

This is perfectly suitable for all the small and medium-sized enterprises. This set up at least one shareholder and one director. The shareholders are liable to the contribution made by them.

Representative Office

The foreign companies set up a small-scale office to study the Japanese market. Then, a representative office cannot involve himself in direct sales or any other commercial activities.

Branch Office

This office is easy to set up and requires a local bank account. A local representative must also appoint the Company Secretary. 3E Accounting can help in finding the right candidate for the branch office.

Subsidiary Company

A legal entity engaging in all kinds of the transaction is a subsidiary company. It is also an independent local entity who is liable for its contribution.

Joint Venture Company

It is a type of company who partner with an existing Japanese company or a Japanese partner. The investing partner is also more liable to the company, and the Japanese company or partner has limited liability.

Company Registration in Japan With 3E Accounting Services


Hiring Our Services

3E Accounting offers valuable and trustworthy services to both local and foreign clients for company registration in Japan. We also provide relevant and genuine advice on subjects related to government policies, taxation system, accounting to our clients. Contact us now.