Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in Laos

How 3E Accounting Can Help You in Company Registration in Laos Laos belongs to Southeast Asia, and the country offers multiple benefits to foreign investors. The two major reasons why multinationals want a company registration in Laos is the low labour cost and tax benefits. To start a new company, it is imperative to have a concrete business plan. The process of setting up a company in Laos is quite simple but time-consuming.

Hence, our team of experts offers you complete assistance for company registration in Laos:

  • document preparation,
  • choosing the right business entity,
  • opening a local bank account and
  • obtaining a tax number.

We have experience for company registration in Laos more many years and thus it will simplify the entire process. Therefore, seeking professional help from 3E Accounting will ensure that your company will be established soon as they are aware of all the government policies.


Different Business Entities in Laos

There are several ways of establishing business entities in Laos but the most common one is the limited liability company.

  • Limited liability company – A limited liability company can set up with a minimum capital investment of USD 1. Then, you need to appoint a board of directors who will take important decisions for the company. 3E Accounting provides legal assistance which will be helpful for setting up a company in Laos.
  • Public limited company – This form of the company needs 7 shareholders, 3 directors, and a legal representative. Also, the minimum capital investment required for this entity is USD 125,000.
  • Wholly foreign-owned enterprise – This type of business enterprise is completely owned by the foreigner. This type of business entity lets you export goods manufactured in Laos.
  • Branch Office – All the operations of this entity is decided by the parent company. Most common sectors which set up a branch office are airlines, foreign banks, financial services and the insurance company.
  • Representative Office – Through this entity, you cannot conduct any commercial activities. Hence, it is a good way to research the market and promote your products or services. It is a good way to understand about the country before setting your wings here.

Company Registration in Laos


Our Consultancy Services

3E Accounting offers professional services which help in company registration in Laos. Our team of experts will help you decide the right business entity for you according to your business requirements. Contact us through calls or email to talk about your business plan in Laos. We have experienced professionals who can help with the preparation of the documents and other accounting solutions. Our team also provides legal turnaround solutions.