Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in New Zealand

Company Registration in New Zealand According to the Company’s Act, the process of company registration in New Zealand begins by first creating an online account and name reservation. How then do you set-up an online service account? Then, you first need to have two important things. These are the RealMe login and an online service account by the Company Register. It will cost you NZ$10 for the business name reservation and NZ$105 for registration of your company.

Now that you’ve known what it takes to get an online service account, the next thing is to decide on the type of structure that best suits you. New Zealand has three type of legal entities; Limited Liability, Co-operative Companies, and Unlimited Companies. In the event you also want to register an overseas company in New Zealand there are three options, setting up a Subsidiary where you can own 100 percent, launch a branch or transfer your company fully to New Zealand.


Company Registration in New Zealand Leads to Business Formation

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Should you decide to go for online company registration in New Zealand, you must ensure that you register all your company’s directors and shareholders. Once the registration process is complete, you’ll, therefore, receive New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) – a distinct identifier. For a Limited Liability Company, you must have a minimum of one shareholder and one director who can be an individual or a legal entity. The New Zealand Companies Office (NZCO) is the authority responsible for company registration. Foreigners setting up a subsidiary will have to pay a minimum paid-up capital of US$1with one shareholder and one director.

Company Registration in New Zealand


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According to the New Zealand Company’s Act, you must register your legal entity as a taxpayer with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). The good news is that once you complete your tax registration process, you’ll receive your certificate of incorporation alongside your Inland Revenue and GST number. You only need to submit your company name, physical address and your contact line among others. Additionally, it’s prudent to register for an office or address and a licensed local registered representative.

Every time you think of company registration in New Zealand think of hiring staff or employees. The Company Act requires you to register your company with the Inland Revenue.

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