Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in Peru

Company Registration in Peru Every business opportunity has a chance of flourishing in Peru once you follow the right steps during legitimization. Company registration in Peru is no exception; in that, you only need to get acquitted with the regulations and the procedures.


Company Registration in Peru Leads to Business Formation

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The first step is formulating a business name that reflects on the nature of your business. You’ll present your proposed names for searching and thereby reserved with the Registry of Legal Entities. But before that, you must ensure that you’ve prepared an incorporation deed within the premise of the National Superintendence of Public Registries (SUNARP). The process can be conducted online on the Public Registry portal or at the agent office. Ensure that the registration certificate is with the associate’s signatures, the business owner and the founder(s)/ partners before an attorney. The process will take approximately 35 working days for verification and endorsement by SUNARP. Once SUNARP receives the incorporation deed, it then confirms the company’s registration to the Public Registry before issuing the certificate.

When it comes to company registration in Peru, the law requires that you validate your company’s minutes of meetings and financial books with the Public Notary. The nominal fees chargeable will depend on the number of documents authenticated by the Public Notary.


Company Formation in Peru

Company formation like any other business requires that you obtain a business permit. You can obtain the operating permit at any adjacent municipality or district council. You’ll present your registration certificate, the property deed or lease agreement and the allotment plan.

For you to be eligible to continue with your operations, you must register as a taxpayer. The tax authority is responsible for obtaining the tax identification number (RUC) through the Superintendence of Tax Administration (SUNAT). Once your nominated legal agents have filled-in some of the required forms, they’ll be, therefore, submitted to the National Customs and Tax Superintendence. Your company’s representative must also produce copies of the identification card, registered address and the registration certificate granted by SUNARP.

Most often investors form a Limited Liability Company also referred to as Sociedad Anomia Cerrada (S.A.C). Company registration in Peru stipulates that when it comes to S.A.C, you must have at least two shareholders and not exceeding 20 shareholders from any nationality. The minimum paid-up capital is US$350 and has an executive officer who’s a Peruvian residence. You’re also required to comply with the Employment Act. At the National Institute of Civil Defense, you’ll be able to get the Certificate of Safety.

Company Registration in Peru


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