Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in Republic of Kosovo

Company Registration in the Republic of Kosovo Company registration is the process to possess a legal identity in foreign countries. The rules and regulations vary depending on the country to country. Some countries require locals to be part of the foreign company and some are not. When starting the company registration in any of the foreign countries, we need to ensure that the investment is reliable and successive. Hence, Kosovo is the ideal base for starting a new business. Kosovo’s economy as it has a fast-growing and robust with the lowest tax regime compared to other countries in Europe and Central Asia.


Why Choose Kosovo

The advantages of forming a company in Kosovo are as numerous as they are obvious such as limited company’s liability with only 1 shareholder and director. The shareholder and director can be any of the nationality and need not be a resident of Kosovo. Next, starting a business in Kosovo can be easy and free to access the European Union and the neighbouring markets. Besides, Kosovo is giving a stable political environment. Specifically, the Republic of Kosovo has signed bilateral trade agreements with different countries to protect and promote foreign investment. Furthermore, Kosovo offers the investor good investment opportunities including the metal processing, energy, and ICT sector. This attracts a large number of foreign investments in Kosovo to reinforce the competitiveness of the economy.


Requirements and Procedures

When establishing a company in Kosovo, an investor must do due to persistence with regard to the legal processes. It might affect the establishment of growth of one’s business. Therefore, we need to have an understanding of the legal document of the company, bank account opening in Kosovo, a virtual office in Kosovo, and the tax regulation.

Firstly, the legal document containing extensive knowledge that creates a market understanding of markets in Kosovo provides insights that investors need. An investor needs to have good knowledge of local and international corporate law in order to make the business establishment a smooth process. Next, it will be necessary to open one or more bank accounts in Kosovo. This will be making it easy for the investor to avoid challenging language barriers.

Thirdly, a virtual office needs to be set up in Kosovo. This is in order to allow the international entrepreneurs to accept mail, arrange to ship, and set up a registered bank account in Kosovo. Lastly, an advisor or consultant needs to be considered as he or she will be able to assist with the investor from laws and tax structures to local support staff.

In conclusion, the incorporation of a business can bring benefits. As already mentioned, once a corporation is founded because it is recognized by law as coming from its members and shareholders with the assistance of a long-time local firm, stable and firm business is often formed. Registering a company in the Republic of Kosovo is quite simple when broken down but it can also be quite tedious and complicated. Should you require any assistance or services, we provide these services to ensure a smooth integration into the economy of the Republic of Kosovo. Contact us for more information.


Company Registration in the Republic of Kosovo