Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in Ukraine

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Types of Legal Entities in Ukraine

The genesis of running a successful venture in Ukraine begins with registering the right kind of legal entity. This is because the legal entity you register will have an impact on the scope of your operations, as well as the tax regime you will fall under. Many are the business types that can be registered by investors in Ukraine, but the following are the common ones you are likely to choose:

Ukrainian TOV – Limited Liability Company

In Ukraine, a limited liability company is a preferred vehicle for those interested in establishing small businesses. Then, the maximum number of shareholders for registering a limited liability company in Ukraine is for ten shareholders. The capital for a TOV is usually in the form of shares which is member’s contributions, and such can be transferred by the full consent of the other shareholders.

Additional Limited Liability Company

Additional limited liability Company in Ukraine is nearly similar to a TOV, only that at the time of registration, the share capital as member’s contribution must be at least 100 minimum salaries, and their personal assets will be not protected from the liabilities of the company.

Private Joint-stock Company

Joint-stock companies in Ukraine are referred to those seeking to start medium-large enterprises. The share capital requirement for starting a joint-stock company in Ukraine is the equivalence of 1250 salaries of the shareholders at the time of registration. An executive body, a supervision body, and a general assembly are responsible for the governance of joint-stock companies in Ukraine.

General Partnerships

It is also possible to start a general partnership for those considering company registration in Ukraine. In this entity, members come together with the purpose of pursuing the same economic goal. The members will share both the responsibilities and liabilities of the company.

Limited Partnership

In a limited partnership, there has to be at least one general partner and one silent partner. The general partner will have unlimited liabilities for the company’s debts, while the silent partner will be responsible for contributing capital for the business.


The Company Registration Process in Ukraine

The process of company registration in Ukraine starts with the preparation of the company’s charter or articles of association. You need to notarize them before you submit them to the authorities. Once this is done, a corporate bank account is open, then paying of the registration fee. The necessary documents for incorporation include:

  • Two duly filled copies of the application form
  • Articles of association
  • Minutes of the meeting where the decision to register the company was made
  • Bank certificate showing the payment for the registration fees
  • Proof for the deposited share capital

Following the opening of the bank account, the District Tax Authorities will be notified of the newly formed company, and once all the necessary permits and licenses are obtained, the company will be ready to start operations in Ukraine.

Company Registration in Ukraine


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