Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in United Arab Emirates

Company Registration in United Arab Emirates For starters, the process of company registration in the United Arab Emirates is never a walk in the park given that it is one of the few places where starting a business is a very tedious task. According to the World Bank, the UAE is 35th in the list of countries with ease of doing business. Therefore, you can expect that starting a business in Dubai is not going to be an easy task. This is important to note especially if you are a foreigner and it is your first attempt registering a business.

The difficulty in starting a business in Dubai is due to the tedious requirements and the bureaucracy that imposes very stringent measures in qualifying the companies that register in the country. If you are keen on starting a business in UAE, you will be better off working with a reputable corporate service provider with experience in incorporating various types of businesses in the UAE.


Types of Businesses you can register in the UAE

If you are considering company registration in the United Arab Emirates, here is a look at some of the legal entities you may incorporate:

Free Zone Company

This is like a sole proprietorship in the sense that the individual 100% owns and registers it. Therefore, no need for a sponsor or an agent as a liaison to help in managing the venture. Then, with this setup, you can engage in international trade, and as such, it is one of the preferred entities by foreigners wishing to do business in UAE. Some of the other benefits that come with a free zone company in UAE include:

  • You can operate a Dubai bank account
  • Allows 100% secrecy
  • Can liquidate any time
  • Attracts 0% tax
  • Can hold properties
  • Can conduct multiple activities


Limited Liability Company

A limited liability company is the other company worth considering for company registration in the United Arab Emirates. With such an entity, investors are free to engage in both local and international trade, though incorporating it comes with stringent conditions. For example, they don’t allow 100% shareholding of foreigners, and at least 51% of the shareholding must own by a local UAE national.

Offshore Company

It is also possible for foreign investors to register offshore companies in the United Arab Emirates. These companies are only registered in the UAE, but their operations are not within the boundaries of the UAE. With this type of entity, no office or visa is required for incorporation, and they are also allowed to engage in international trade. Additionally, 100% foreign shareholding is allowed with no requirement for a local sponsor.

Company Registration in United Arab Emirates


We Can Help You With Your Company Registration in the United Arab Emirates

At 3E Accounting, we offer reliable business incorporation services in the UAE. Then, we will help you navigate all the red tapes by the government and ensure that you have your entity up and running in the shortest possible time. With our services, you get:

  • Advice and consultancy on the best business structure suitable for your business
  • Getting help with drafting documents, assembling files and managing submissions to various authorities.
  • Help with visa and work permit processing in the UAE
  • Getting help with getting the relevant approvals from the government departments and ministries
  • Help with setting up the corporate bank accounts


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