ABSS MYOB Accounting Software in India is Your No-nonsense, One-stop Solution for All Your Accounting and Bookkeeping Needs

Are you tired of multitasking with tedious accounting duties and bookkeeping? Worry no more! ABSS MYOB Accounting Software in India is your practical, one-stop solution for all your accounting and bookkeeping needs. The programme is carefully curated to help business owners of all sizes delegate their accounting work.

3E Accounting is carefully curated to help business owners of all sizes delegate their accounting work.


What is ABSS MYOB?

Asian Business Software Solution (ASSB) formerly known as MYOB South Asia, is a comprehensive accounting tool for small to medium (SMEs) businesses. The software, which is simple and easy to use provides business and account software for simple organizations. Hailing from Australia, the global company strives to ease the burden of SMEs business owners and offers them a wide range of services and solutions.


How Can ABSS Help Me?

ABSS is a powerful tool; the software has a multitude of interesting features, such as:

  1. Avoids jargons.
    For example, ‘debtor outstanding’ means that the debt was not paid in full, is written as ‘money that customers owe you’ instead. ABSS minimalizes the use of technical terms and makes it easy for everyday business owners to understand and delegate the software.
  2. Enables multilanguage data entry.
    Some crucial data entry is in English and Chinese; ABSS recognises this and therefore supports these two world languages.
  3. Multiple currencies.
    The software allows various types of currencies to be integrated into the business, which will ease the process of monetary exchange when it involves a foreign company.
  4. Customised report.
    Invoices, e-invoices, inventories and reports can be tailored to suit the needs of your company. You can use the programme to easily design a report for you quickly.
  5. Easy to use interface.
    The interface of the programme is user-friendly. Additionally, the dashboard of ABSS is straightforward, makes lets the flow of information from start to end an effortless to read.

Not only that, but ABSS also allows users to create more than one company, create and edit transactions, integrate with ABSS Payroll, and so much more!


Is My Company Compatible With the ABBS?

ABSS has a unique range of features for every business type. There are multiple versions of ABBS for business owners to select from:

  • Business Basics
    As the name goes, Business Basics helps with the accounting fundamentals, such as invoicing, expense and GST. This version is perfect for those smaller businesses.
  • AccountRight Standard
    This version is a full-featured software that supports many business essentials, including jobs and inventory as well. The programme is all-inclusive of many vital features required in the bookkeeping system for SMEs that has little to no employees.
  • AccountRight Plus
    This version is an upgraded version of AccountRight Standard. It comes with added features such as paying runs and timing billings. The Payroll module is included in this software which is able to manage the PAYG and superannuation related calculations.
  • AccountRight Premiere
    This version has two significant features: flexibility of multicurrency and multi-user access. For business setups that involve operations such as imports and exports, the multicurrency feature is a must-have.
  • AccountRight Enterprise
    Goes further than AccountRight Premier, the exclusive version comes with extras such as multi-site inventory management and network remote access.
  • MYOB accounting
    The MYOB accounting version reviews your current system and suggests improvements to make your business flow better. Besides, it also prepares accounts manual, Monthly Income Statement and Balance sheet analysis. The MYOB Add-on solutions is an effective budgeting tool and have cashflow analysis for you to monitor your business.


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ABSS MYOB Accounting Software in India