The Right Internal Audit Service in India is Worth Every Penny for Your Business in India.

The business arena in India is flourishing with the Make in India movement in place. India’s current market is full of companies of all sizes as startups are mushrooming. As with the management of companies, there is a need for companies to undergo an internal audit. The internal audit ensures companies are operating with minimum risks and at optimum efficiency. Let’s take a look at what entails internal audit services in India.

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Primary Function

In India, there are categories of companies that must undergo an internal audit. Check with the statutory authority if you are wondering whether your company needs an internal audit. The primary function of an internal audit is to verify information that goes into the financial statements.

New startups may prepare financial statements using a template, and that could be opposing the regulations. An internal audit in India is similar to the tax audit that the government sets its rules and regulations. Companies need an internal audit to ensure corrective measures can take place in their financial statements before the external review happens. Businesses, primarily foreign-owned, may do things differently. These foreign businesses could be following their native country standards or the international standard. It is best practice for companies operating in India to adhere to the local rules. Hence, internal audit services in India can only be done by a cost accountant or a chartered accountant. Even as the name suggests, an internal audit service is a service offered by a business solutions provider. Therefore, companies could hire a chartered accountant to work with the company’s management to carry out an internal audit.


Improve Efficiency

Besides the commercial purpose, there is also a non-financial function related to an internal audit. When it comes to this necessity, a company could be making profits but struggle to keep things in balance. An internal audit can be advantageous to a company as it could help them to improve overall efficiency. Internal audit services in India are designed to offer performance analysis that is insightful for companies looking to improve operational efficiency. Application for the non-financial segments of a company is limitless. For instance, the marketing department can undergo an internal audit every quarter to ensure appropriate budget utilisation.

Meanwhile, the human resources department could undergo an internal audit once or twice a year. Internal audit for non-financial reasons is to ensure compliance with regulations, manage and mitigate risks and improve overall efficiency. A company that operates at its optimum level usually consists of well-developed departments to achieve its mission and vision.


For Optimum Potential

Internal audit can also serve as a risk management advisory. For every company doing business, there should be a level of manageable risk. Some companies are unaware of their operational risks. It could be a grave risk that leads to problems in the future. With an internal audit as a risk management advisory, companies can revise, improve or even remove some factors from their policy. All in all, internal audit services in India will ensure your business achieves its optimum potential.

Internal Audit Services in India