Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in Cayman Islands

Company Registration in Cayman IslandsCayman Islands belongs to the territory of the Caribbean Sea whose economy is flourishing quite well for a few years. The biggest reason why foreigners are investing here is that there is no direct tax involved. The company registration in Cayman Islands is quite a simple process if you have all the documentation in place.

The Cayman Islands policies are quite interesting as they allow trading with the UK, Jamaica, and the USA. The most flourishing sectors of Cayman Islands include tourism, media, music, export and the most flourishing – financial industry.

Company registration in Cayman Islands primarily requires you to register a unique company’s name with the Registrar of the companies. Our experts will help you in preparing all the documents such as a memorandum of association, article of association along with complete details of the company’s director and shareholders. Further, we ensure that the entire company registration process is smooth and is completed with two weeks.


Different Business Entities in Cayman Islands

There are many business entities in Cayman Islands, and you can select the right one depending on the business requirements. Our experts will help you rightly in choosing the business entity so that the business can reap maximum profits. The different business entities in Cayman Islands are:

Offshore Company

It would be best if you have a shareholder, a company director to run this foreign company. There is no capital requirement for investment here, but you need to have a registered office here. Therefore, this entity is best suitable for trading companies or conduit companies.

Non-residential Company

The requirements of this business entity are precisely like the offshore company. These include one company director, one shareholder, no minimum investment needed and a registered office. Additionally, the company must register the complete details of the directors, shareholders and the capital amount of the registrar every year.

Limited Partnership

This business entity requires a general partner and a limited partner and is best suitable for those companies which provide professional services to the customers. It is mandatory that one of two partners must be a resident of Cayman Islands and usually, the general partner is entirely liable for the company while the limited partner is only liable to their contributions or investment made in the company.

Company Registration in Cayman Islands


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