Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in Chile

Company Registration in ChileChile is a South American country. The northern part of the country is popular for its vast mineral wealth and the agriculture sector which is a favourite reason to trade here. It is of strategic importance concerning culture and politics. Southern Chile is rich in vegetation and various grazing lands. The country is home to multiple lakes and canals as well. Due to these reasons, many investors are ready for company registration in Chile. We at 3E Accounting provide you with the best consultancy services which will help in the easy registration process


Various Reasons for Company Registration in Chile:

  1. International Trade: Chile promotes international trade and foreign investment in every sector due to its location. The country is bounded by the Pacific Ocean in the west which proves beneficial for sea trade. Chile also ranks 57th regarding the easiest state to do business.
  2. Stimulant for Business: The Chile government provides various incentives and rebates to both local and foreign investors. They help people in starting their business and encourage small and medium-sized industry.
  3. Natural Resources: The country has bountiful reserves especially copper, silver, lithium etc. Apart from this, the climate and fertile land add to agricultural production. It is one of the most important exporters of wine, blueberries, grapes etc.
  4. Growing Economy: The core industries of Chile are the Mining industry, Food industry and Tourism Industry. These industries are growing rapidly due to the business-friendly policies of the government.


Various Business Entities in Chile

There are many business entities in Chile, and our team at 3E Accounting can help you in selecting the right business entity.

  1. Corporation: It is single equity where the liability of a shareholder is limited to his/her contribution. Further, a board of directors and ownership manages the business is in the hands of the shareholder. Chilean Law identifies activities of such corporations to be commercial in nature.
  2. Simplified Corporation: It has a less complicated structure and aims to stimulate private entrepreneurs. One shareholder is a must for simplified corporation whereas all other entities require a minimum of two shareholders.
  3. Limited Liability Company: It is different from corporations as the partners need consent to transfer the ownership whereas in corporations’ shareholders can freely transfer their shares. A minimum of two partners is necessary to set up a Limited Liability Company.

Company Registration in Chile


Choosing the right form of business entity is the fundamental requirement for setting up a business anywhere around the world. Thus, we at 3E Accounting help you select the right business entity.


Company Registration in Chile


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