Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in China

3E Accounting Services for Company Registration in China
China has one of the fastest-growing economies. Therefore, one needs to have a proper business plan and select the right business structure for company registration in China. Still, setting up a company can be quite challenging due to problems such as language constraints. Hence, it is paramount to avail company formation services in China by 3E Accounting. The experts here can guide you right and help you in overcoming the legal and cultural challenges.

We have a team of tax experts, accountants who will help you in company registration in China and later with the business activities.


Different Business Structures of China

To choose the right business structure, one needs to create a strategy. The strategy will then decide the capital investment, business objectives. This will then be helpful in determining the right business structure. Our services for company registration in China will help you to do so as they can fix your business requirement rightly into the business entity.


Following is a List of Different Business Entities of China:

Representative Office

Foreign companies set up an RO to understand the market and promote their business. It is an effective way to develop a relationship with suppliers. All limited profit-generating services are under RO.

Branch Office

The parent companies in foreign set up a branch office. The branch office liabilities are limited to the parent company.

Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprise

As the name suggests, the foreigner owns completely the enterprise. Investors can form this company with shareholders, and every shareholder is liable to his contribution.

Sino-foreign Joint Venture

It is set up when a foreign investor comes into partnership terms with a local partner. There are two types of joint venture:

  • Equity Joint venture where both the partners share profit and loss equally among each other based on their equity interest.
  • Cooperative Joint Venture is flexible than equity joint venture. This form operates as an LLC or a non-legal business form.


Foreign-invested Partnership

This entity is formed when two or more partners come together to set up a business. There is no capital requirement for this. The partnership enterprise law governs the partnership agreement between the parties. The investor is more liable to this business set-up.

Company Registration in China


What Do We Do

At 3E Accounting, we offer professional guidance about the latest government policies, operational activities, and the capital investment required in China. This guidance is helpful in deciding the right business structure. Our team of experts is well-versed with the best sectors operating in each entity. Thus, their advice will be valuable to you. Avail of our services for company registration in China and no hassle for accountancy, taxation, return filing and hiring employees. Contact us now.