Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in Costa Rica

Company Registration in Company Registration in Costa RicaCosta Rica has become the investor’s prime location for starting the new venture. Also, the main reason behind this is the geographical location of this place, i.e. it is very near to the USA. The government’s initiative towards free trade agreement has attracted numerous investors for company registration in Costa Rica. Therefore, 3E Accounting helps you with easy company registration within a month through its expert team. The company’s set up process is quite simple if all the relevant documents are prepared for submission.

Costa Rica offers quality education thus the youth of this region is smart, talented and fluent with English. In addition, starting a company in Costa Rica will help you find a talented workforce and be assured that language will not be a barrier here as most of the people are fluent with English. Many big corporates such as Amazon and Microsoft have established their business in Costa Rica to take benefits of this region. So, what are you waiting for? Seek our advice at 3E accounting, and we will help you from scratch to start your business today.

The business-friendly environment of Costa Rica is continuing to attract many investors, and thus this place has become a hub for business centres. Therefore, there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs which makes people invest in Costa Rica, thereby leading to economic growth. The government’s initiatives, the hub of the business centre will not be challenging for you to start your company or expand your business ventures to Costa Rica as there are plenty of resources available.


Business Entities in Costa Rica

The business entities in Costa Rica are:

  • Limited liability Company: You need to have one director and two shareholders who can belong to any nation. It is mandatory to file accounts every year with General Directorate of Taxation.
  • Costa Rica corporation: This type of entity has three company directors and two shareholders. You need to hire one legal representative who is the legal face of the company.
  • Branch Office: The parent company set up the branch office, and a local representative takes care of all the activities of this branch office.
  • Representative Office: The foreigners wholly own the business entity and is solely engaging in market research and promoting the products of the parent. A representative office is not engaged in direct sales or any commercial activities.

Company Registration in Company Registration in Costa Rica


We Understand Your Needs

3E Accounting understands all the challenges faced by the individual for company registration in Costa Rica. We have our entire team who will help you with complete set up of the company. You can contact us anytime. We assist you in selecting the right business entity depending on your business goals and capital requirement. We have experts from different fields such as accountancy, taxation who can help with post-incorporation services as well.