Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in El Salvador

Company Registration in Company Registration in El SalvadorMany significant changes have occurred in the economy of El Salvador in the past two decades. Therefore, it has become a favourite spot for foreign investors today. The geographical location between North America & South America has boosted its economy as many investors are now interested in company registration in El Salvador. There are some factors that have encouraged foreign investors to invest here. These factors are the economic growth, political stability, government incentives for trade and investment, business-friendly environment. Also, 3E Accounting has many years of experience which will provide the right consultancy services to you. We have gained vast knowledge which will ease out the entire company registration in El Salvador a smooth process.


Why Should You Invest in El Salvador?

If you are thinking to expand your business to El Salvador, here are the benefits of doing so:

  • Free Trading Zones: El Salvador has free trade zones. It is where investors can set up their manufacturing units, and no tax will be levied on their income. Therefore, no VAT tax on the exported products
  • Easy company registration process: The entire process is very easy, and you can start a business here with 2 shareholders or more and one local director
  • Good commercial relationship: El Salvador shares bilateral commercial ties with the US. Hence, it is an excellent way to capture the US market.
  • US Dollar as currency: El Salvador uses USD as a legal trader thus making the entire trading business easy and secure.
  • Access to Ports: There are four ports of El Salvador which can be easily accessed through the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Steady Market: El Salvador is growing at a rapid rate and its stable market along with free trade agreement are highly beneficial to the investors.
  • Minimum capital investment: The minimum capital investment required for company registration in El Salvador is USD 100.

Therefore, these reasons will benefit your business greatly along with its strategic location which will help you explore North and South American regions.


Company Registration in Company Registration in El Salvador


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3E Accounting completely understands the hurdles and challenges faced by the investors in setting up a new company in El Salvador. Every country has its procedure and government policies. Hence, we are always there to guide and support you. Our professional team are well versed about the entire registration process and are more than happy to help you. Our expertise will be of great help to you which will make your venture successful.

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