Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in Germany

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Legal Entities to Consider in Germany

If you want to register a company in Germany, then you need to know the kinds of business bodies. While choosing your entity, some of the factors you should consider include:

  • The parent industry of the business
  • Tax implications
  • Available capital and the minimum capital requirements to start that business
  • The extent of liability you are willing to shoulder
  • If a partnership, then how many partners
  • The future development of the business

With the above considerations, you will be in an excellent position to choose a legal entity. It will help you achieve your business goals in Germany. For example, if you intend to bring many parties on board to register the company, you should clearly state the role of each and every partner or member in writing. This is especially necessary if you intend the company to operate as a corporation such as GmbH – German Limited Liability Company.

It will excite you to know that the German Law allows for contractual freedom. It is to decide your company’s structure, your situation, and that of your partners when considering company registration in Germany. The ultimate business vehicle you want is the exact thing you envisioned to have for the business in German.


About Partnerships and Incorporated Companies in Germany

According to the German incorporation laws, there is a difference, in principle, between incorporated companies and partnerships. In partnership, the management of the business is left in the hands of the individual partners, while companies require financial participation in the day to day running of the business.

The first process for company registration in Germany begins with registration with the commercial register before the business can name as a legal entity. The most common and important forms of business incorporation in Germany include the following:

  • Joint Stock Company
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Partnership Limited by Shares
  • Cooperatives


Different Liability Depending on the Entity

Just like with incorporation in other countries, the liability that comes with company registration in Germany depends on the exact type of body incorporated. For example, the liability in incorporated companies is very different from the liabilities in partnerships. In incorporated companies, the liability is limited to corporate assets. While in partnerships, the liability extends to at least one natural person with all his private assets.


Capital Requirements

The capital requirements for company registration in Germany also varies depending on the type of business entity registered. For the formation of a joint-stock company, the minimum capital requirement is EUR 50,000, while that for a limited liability company is EUR 25,000. In limited partnerships, however, the law set the minimum capital amount, only that the partners will have to make contributions.


The Tax Burden for Doing Business in Germany

It is important to understand the tax regime when it comes to doing business in Germany. According to the German tax laws, there is a difference between the business entity earns income and the partners earn income. For example, partnerships are not subjected to taxes, and the taxes will only be considered at the level of the individual partners.
For incorporate companies, tax deductions go through the corporate tax at the company level and also through income tax at the shareholder level. This may sound like double taxation, but it is moderated in certain amounts in the form of dividends which are usually tax-exempt.

Company Registration in Germany


Your Advisors for Company Formation in Germany – 3E Accounting

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