Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in Mauritius

Company Registration in Mauritius The Company Act regulates the company registration in Mauritius for both local business, entrepreneurs and offshore companies. Mauritius offers an opportunity for foreign investors to enjoy non-tax regime through the Global Business Category 2 (GBC II). For local investors, the Global Business Category 1 (GBC I) regulates the registration of companies.

The process of company registration in Mauritius starts with the approval of the business name with the Registrar of Companies. It’s common knowledge that your company must have a constitution that controls the day-to-day activities and controls. And, therefore, you’ll present three copies of the constitution alongside a notice of the directors, company secretary, locality of the Registered Office and approval forms endorsed by the Officers.


Company Registration in Mauritius Leads to Company Formation

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Some of the requirements regarding company formation are that you must have a minimum of one director who may be a person, or a legal entity forms any nationality. A minimum of one shareholder and in case of a GBC I, the appointed secretary must be a domicile of Mauritius. The minimum paid-up capital for GBC II is US$1 and GBC I is US$2 both with no par value. Subsequently, you can also register your company under different classes of shares such as redeemable shares, registered shares, and bearer shares among others.

Once you’re complete with the registration of GBC I, you’re eligible to apply for tax residence certificate and enjoy valuable tax regime. For a GBC II to qualify for a tax residence certificate your company must meet all the requirements.

Company Registration in Mauritius


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Company registration in Mauritius entails complying with the Employment Act. Therefore it means that you have to register with Social Security. The Act requires you to submit the application form, certificate of incorporation, employer registration and a list of all the directors. This process is towards the safety and welfare of your employees.

Among other requirements, it’s necessary for your company to have a company seal. Then, what you’ll need to have is your certificate of incorporation and an official letter requesting for the acquisition of a company seal.

Should you decide to start any business, you must apply for a business license. The permit can be obtained from your business locality/municipality the moment you’ve paid the application fees. Depending on the nature of the business, you’ll also be required to register with the Ministry of Health and Environment, the Fire and Safety Department and the Police Department.

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