The Beginner’s Guide to Company Registration in Morocco

Company Registration in MoroccoWith several reforms happening in investment, more and more are setting up business in Morocco. If you are new to company registration in Morocco, here’s the complete guide to help you understand and commence your business in the kingdom.


Pro Business Attractions

Among the attractions the Moroccan government has placed is reduced overall corporate tax. The rate now is between 12.5% and 32% based on the taxable income set by the Moroccan government and specific sectors. Tax exemption can also happen to particular companies such as export companies, companies set up in Free Zones to produce goods for export and several companies in specific regions.

Other incentives include financial assistance available for both foreign and local companies to reduce over-industrialisation in specific areas. Hence, they have set up regional investment centres to expedite the relevant processes. The Moroccan government also allows total foreign ownership of companies in almost all sectors except for agricultural land.


Legal Company Entities Available for Registration

There are several legal entities business owners can opt to register in Morocco. They are:

Limited Liability Company (S.A.R.L)
  • Minimum one director and two shareholders. Up to 50 shareholders are allowed.
  • Minimum share capital: MAD 10,000. Recommended for 25% paid during company registration via fund blocking with a local bank.
  • It may take up to 6 weeks to complete company registration.
Public Limited Company (S.A)
  • Minimum three directors (appointed by the Supervisory Board) and five shareholders.
  • Minimum share capital: MAD300,000. 25% paid during company registration via fund blocking with a local bank, with 75% paid up in the three following years.
  • It may take up to 7 weeks to complete company registration.



Organising Documents For Pre-Registration

As your local company registration partner, engaging us will help you initiate your business in Morocco. Now that you know the benefits, let’s prepare the necessary documentation. Here they are in the particular order:

Reserve a Company Name

We will register for a Negative certificate with the Trade Register to ensure your company name is available in Morocco. Moroccan Industrial and Commercial Property Office (OMPIC) issues the certificate. The Negative certificate will reserve the name for 90 days. After that, it will be available to the public. And uncollected negative certificates are cancelled after a month.

Get a Registered Address

The Moroccan government makes it compulsory for all companies registering in the country to have a registered address. You can rent an office space or subscribe to a virtual office. We can offer you a virtual office address to expedite your company registration in Morocco.

Draw Up Company Statutes

The company statutes include Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association and completed company formation form. These documents must be translated into French (if they aren’t). The company statutes must contain the finalised information notarized by a legal advisor or at your home country’s Moroccan embassy.

Block Fund Certificate

As you need to deposit 25% of the share capital, we will assist in this step and obtain the blocked fund certificate from the bank of your choice. The certificate will make up the supporting documents for company registration.


Registering Your Company With CRI

The Regional Investment Centre (CRI) is a one-stop processing centre for complete company registration in Morocco. We will assist by completing the declaration form to register a business and file all pre-registration documentation with the CRI. Within the CRI, your company will register with the Ministry of Finance for a tax number, Tribunal of Commerce & the Company Registrar, public announcements, social security and taxation.


Commence Business With Us

With 3E Accounting, you can rest assured of a smooth initiation to your business venture in Morocco through our company registration services.

Company Registration in Morocco