The Company Registration in Romania Checklist

Company Registration in RomaniaWhich country allows entrepreneurs to receive dividends at three-month intervals other than Romania? As among the most business-friendly environments, Romania attracts foreign investors in droves. After 2020, Romania aims to be Europe’s Information Technology and Communications centre. So, if you want to enter the European market, Romania is advantageous to business owners of all kinds.


Prosperous Romania for Prosperous Business

Besides the above, Romania’s corporate tax rate is 3% for micro companies and 16% for the rest. Currently, the tax rate is competitive and among the lowest in Eastern Europe.

Under the Romanian Fiscal Code, companies can get up to ten years of tax relief if they operate within the research, development, and innovation sectors. Business profits invested in technological equipment, computers and software are eligible for further tax exemption.

Their flourishing financial sector enables companies to access financing facilities to expand businesses. Its low non-performing loans (NPL) rates make it an attractive feature for business owners to company registration in Romania.


Choosing The Company Structure

As Romania is becoming a favourite destination to register a company, these are the company types commonly registered by local or foreign entrepreneurs.

Company Structure

Private Limited Liability (SRL)
  • Minimum share capital of 200 RON
  • Minimum one director
  • Minimum one shareholder
  • 16% corporate tax rate or 1% if revenue is below 100,000 RON
Joint Stock Company (SA)
  • Minimum share capital of 90,000 RON
  • Minimum one director
  • Minimum one shareholder
  • 16% corporate tax rate
Sole Proprietorship (PFA)
  • No capital share
  • Operated by sole trader
  • Unlimited liability of trader
  • Personal income tax of 10%



Registering Your Romanian Company

As with other general company registration processes, you either choose the name and reserve it first, or you can select the company type first. In Romania, we will advise you to decide on the legal entity first. After you have decided on your legal structure, the following steps will ensuite:

Propose Company Name

We will assist with the company name proposal and send it to the Trade Registry. The proposal consists of three company names in the order of preference. Our expert will ensure your proposed names comply with the local laws. The Trade Register will approve one for you to register, valid for one month.

Notarize Company Documents

Before notarization, we will request the necessary documents to draft your company incorporation agreement. In the company incorporation document, you will provide your company’s registered address in Romania. We may offer a virtual office address if you have not identified an office location. We will have you look through the draft and tweak it if needed. After that, we will send it for notarization.

Pay Up The Share Capital

The step applies during incorporation if there is a need for company operations. You are required to pay up at least 30% of the share capital. But if you intend only to get the company incorporated and registered, you may deposit the 30% within three months after the company registration.

Register The Company at the Trade Register Office

Complete an application for company registration in Romania. Submit together with all the supporting documents. Once all documentation satisfies the Trade Register, you now have a micro-enterprise. If your revenue is below the threshold and you hire one employee, you only need to pay a 1% tax on your yearly profit. Registration process by the Trade Register Office could take up to ten weeks.


Have Your Share of the European Market With 3E Accounting

The compelling state of Romania as a business destination is thriving. With 3E Accounting, you can be assured that you can begin commercial transactions in Romania quickly.