Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Company Registration in Thailand

How 3E Accounting Can Help You in Company Registration in Thailand Thailand’s booming economy and huge market demand have attracted many foreigners to invest here. The government of Thailand is quite helpful, offering tremendous support and incentives to investors. The infrastructure of Thailand is great, and its low-cost labour is another attractive reason for company registration in Thailand.

Setting up a new company in a new place can bring its own set of challenges. We at 3E Accounting have a team of experts from the various department who can help you in company registration in Thailand. We understand your business requirement first and then cater to the entire registration process accordingly.


Business Structure in Thailand

The different business structures that operate in Thailand are:

  • Partnership – When two or more partners come together under a single agreement to do business in Thailand – it forms a partnership firm.
  • Limited Company – The civilian and commercial code and the Public Company Act governs the limited companies. They are of two types: Public limited companies and Private limited companies
  • Joint Venture – When a group of people comes together to do business – it is a joint venture. The income of the joint venture is subjected to corporate taxation, but it has not been recognized as a legal entity under the Civilian and Commercial Code.
  • Representative Office – A representative office is set up to understand the Thailand market before setting up a limited company here.

The representative office must serve at least one of the following purposes:

  • Search for goods and services for overseas business
  • Check the quality and quantity of the goods
  • Advise the parent company about the goods which they can purchase
  • Promote the products to the Thailand customers
  • Report the economic growth of Thailand to the parent company


Company Registration in Thailand


Services That We Offer

We at 3E Accounting have all kinds of services such as pre-incorporation, incorporation, and post-incorporation which will help in company registration in Thailand successfully. Our experts have an experience of more than a decade where they have registered hundreds of companies in Thailand in different sectors. With this experience comes excellent contacts which will help in the secure establishment of the company in a new country.

Our team will understand your business requirement which will help in deciding the right business structure for you to operate in Thailand. Selecting the proper business structure is vital. Any wrong decision can incur huge losses for the company.

We recommend you to share all your requirements with us so that we can help in selecting the right business structure for you. Our team will assist in registering the company’s name, opening a local bank account, obtaining a tax number, work permit and required a business license.

At 3E Accounting, we offer complete consultancy services for all our clients who want a company registration in Thailand. Contact us, and we will be glad to assist you.