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Business Ideas in India Looking for trending business ideas in India? Look no further as 3E Accounting offers you a quick guide on the best.

India has a mature start-up ecosystem. To make your mark in such a marketplace will require some innovative business ideas in India. The good news is that the Government is showing great support and encouragement towards entrepreneurs. Initiatives, such as the Start-up India Scheme, are all aimed at encouraging new businesses.

Due to the far-reaching effects of global pandemic, businesses have gone through a paradigm shift. E-commerce is driving a data economy, and as such, there are a lot of exciting opportunities online. These include:

  • Social Media Consultant – managing the online image of companies.
  • Affiliate Marketing – earning an income as an affiliate of bigger businesses.
  • Dropshipping – acting as an intermediary between suppliers and customers.
  • Blogger or Influencer – writing influential material to garner huge followers online.
  • Online Content Creator – provide tuition, inspirational or instructional videos, etc.
  • Virtual Assistant – provide manual or technical support for big businesses such as Amazon, etc.

However, not everything is based entirely online. There are plenty of businesses that have a more physical aspect to it. Do note that it is advisable to have a website that advertises your business. Try your hand at one of these:

  • Tiffin Food Delivery – ‘Dabba’ or food delivery is big business as there is a ready market for millions of office workers who need their lunches.
  • Tailor – invest in some sewing machines and start tailoring bespoke outfits.
  • Mobile Repair – servicing mobiles and all electronic items.
  • Wedding or Event Planner – another big business in India, where you can earn some good profits.
  • Skills Training – provide soft and people skills to corporations, which includes training and mentoring.
  • Bicycle Shop – bicycles are still prevalent in India, and you can provide bicycle sales, repair and leasing.
  • Candle & Incense Maker – almost every household uses these items on a daily basis, and demand is still greater than supply.

If you have access to deep pockets and capital investment, do consider any of the following:

  • Data Centres – a nascent industry in India with good potential.
  • Water Treatment Plant – of great demand, especially in rural areas.
  • Start-up Angel Investor – plenty of start-ups need funding, and this could be an excellent opportunity to invest in the next big idea.

Finally, there are essential services that are always needed by every established business. These include:

  • Design Services – creating websites, graphic design work, etc.
  • Writing Services – ghost-writing, content writing, etc.
  • Consultancy Services – accountants, business development, etc.
  • Computer Services – IT technicians, internet infrastructure development, etc.
  • Business Solutions – provide customizable solutions to businesses.


Solutions That Make a Difference

You may be inspired by these excellent business ideas in India to get started immediately. However, your company will need to be incorporated and licensed to start any business activity. 3E Accounting aims to provide the best customizable solutions for your every business need.

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Business Ideas in India