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How to Write a Resignation Letter in India At some point in our working lives, we would be at a crossroad. That crossroad is usually; continue working at an excellent workplace with great benefits or leave the job to reach for your dream. If you have chosen to go after your dream, another obstacle may arise. How to tell your boss that you are leaving? Before you take the plunge and drop him or her THE letter, think wisely of what you might want to say in that letter. Here’s a quick guide on how to write a resignation letter in India.


Your Offer Letter

Here, the offer letter refers to your current employment offer letter that leads you to work for this company for years. Look out for the termination clause. The termination clause is where it will state how termination can happen in the company. Generally, employment termination can happen by a notice from the employer or by a notice from the employee. If you are resigning, the resignation letter acts as a notice from the employee. Indian legislation does not make it mandatory for companies to have employment contracts in writing. Most Indian companies have adopted the best practices in hiring to avoid future questionable matters with employees. Hence, with a termination clause clarifying the notice period, it is good to write a resignation letter in India.


Notice Period

During the probation period, a notice period is seven days from the effective date. For employees who have worked for more than a year, a notice period is 30 days. During this notice period, the company you are working for may allow earlier termination by deducting entitled paid leaves. It all depends on the company. Nevertheless, as an employee, you will continue working as usual until your last day in the office. The notice period can serve as a period for the human resources to find your replacement, whether internally or externally. While still on the job, be professional to organise all your current tasks and ensure a smooth hand over to your boss or replacement (if any).


Contents of the Letter

Now here comes the gist of it all. No matter how you are feeling towards the company, keep it professional and simple. With a letter, there is proof that you are informing your employer of your resignation. Start the letter by addressing your immediate boss, and the subject of the letter should be straightforward. The first paragraph should contain your desire to leave the company and its effective date. The next paragraph can contain either of these:

  • Your gratitude towards the company for the great times, training and development provided; or
  • Your personal reasons for leaving the company. Keep this part short, simple and professional;

Avoid emotional statements in your letter as they could lead to bad references in the future. Last but not least, always end the letter with the best wishes for the company. Although the company may have lost a favourable employee, they will always remember such politeness from you.

How to Write a Resignation Letter in India