Find Out How You Can Discover All About That Potential Client or Business Partner

How to Verify Company in India Conducting business with a legitimate client is a no-brainer. Everyone knows that. But did you know that a little background check on the company goes a long way? It is human nature to jump the gun over something exciting, especially with a new business venture. Potential clients or partners can come up to you with a resounding business idea, and you think of it as a great business deal. But, before agreeing to anything, how about checking out the company first. Check out our quick guide on how to verify company in India, even when you are not based in India.


Who Has the Data?

In India, the data of companies is kept within a ministry. The ministry is also responsible for registering companies in India. Hence, it is logical that the same ministry keeps tabs on all registered companies in India. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India (MCA) is in charge of all companies incorporated in India. Its database is comprehensive as it watches over details of all company types, including limited liability partnerships.


How Do You Get Insights?

MCA has services that allow the public to check and verify companies in India for those who never knew. As long as you have the company name and the Corporate Identification Number (CIN), you can search for the said company. This service is available online at the MCA portal. The following are easy steps on how to verify company in India.

  1. By clicking on the menu MCA SERVICES, you will get to reputable online services concerning company incorporation, filling, data viewing, form downloads and many more.
  2. Next, find the menu Master Data and click the sub-menu View Company or LLP Master Data.
  3. You will get a page requesting the Company Name, Company CIN and retype Captcha characters. Ultimately you need the CIN to search online; if you do not have it with you, search the CIN by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. Otherwise, try the numbers that are featured on the Company’s business card or letterhead. Companies must publish and print the CIN on all of their official documents.
  4. After submitting the Company Name in search of the CIN, you will be provided with the CIN if registered and incorporated in India. Otherwise, you will receive an error message that says No Matches found for the existing name.


The Result Page

Once you have click Submit of the required data, your next page should display the following details:

  • CIN
  • Company Name
  • Category of Company
  • Company Class
  • Incorporation Date
  • Capital (Paid and Authorised)
  • Members
  • Registered address and email
  • Company Assets
  • Company directors’ details

If you wish for further details such as financial statements, balance sheets or annual returns, you can do so by paying the appropriate fees.

When the above details have satisfied your curiosity, you may further discuss plans with your potential client or business partner. Take heed that your potential client will do the same to you and verify your company’s existence. Verifying and checking on the company’s existence is not wrong. Companies of all sizes are encouraged to check each other out to ensure that the testimonies are genuine.

How to Verify Company in India