Adding Value to Improve the Overall Quality of Life

How to Set Up a Software Development Business in India

At some point in time, India was a computer science hub. While many countries are also at par, there are various reasons if you are looking to set up a software development business in India. Graduates of the programme desire to work on projects that will improve their portfolio. Thus, if you are going to set up a software development company here, looking to hire professional and specialists in the software engineering sector is a breeze. Besides, developing software and marketing, it is at different ends of the business spectrum.


Value-added Software

Problem-solving is critical to the development of software. Some may argue that lifestyles software is of value-added instead of solving problems. Most businesses are about adding value to your current life, similar to how masses of consumers are subscribing to lifestyle software to help solve their daily problems. Maybe developing software for the groups may seem too ambitious. But as an investor for such business, that could be the optimal state where you want the company to hit. Software developers of today are looking to add value to your daily life. Whether through your work or personal space, a subscription to software is becoming a necessity. Thus, this can be an aspect of why you need to set up a software development business in India.


Research, Research, Research

While all businesses need market research, software development business requires market research and timing to be successful. Besides tracking your competitor’s current and future plan, please take a close look at how they positioned themselves. Market research should include what you intend to offer to the market. Decide where you want to place the product offering. As you believe all levels of society or industry can use your software, try to also narrow down to a niche group. That way, you can further customise the software necessary to the audience’s needs. The more you can customise the software to specific details; the success rate could be higher. Even if you are pursuing to accommodate a particular industry like automotive, you can offer free piecemeal software for the public. For example, automotive workshops may subscribe to your software of stocks and inventory, invoicing as well as vehicle servicing reminder. The people too can opt to download your software to help them find out the kinks of their vehicle.


Plan, Patent, and Prototype

Your idea could be one-of-a-kind. Please write it down into a business plan. If you are ready to monetise it but need an investor, be as detailed as you can. Next, set up a company. Without a company, even angel investors may be wary of your idea. Be sure to register with Software Technology Parks India (STPI). It helps with tax breaks and other legal benefits of a software development business. Next, rope in a tech-savvy partner if you are not from the technical background. Make your partner sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure none of that brilliant idea spills into the market. Acquire the necessary patent and register for trademark protection. What’s left is to design and come up with a viable prototype. The prototype will be used to render users feedback. Fixing the necessary on a prototype is more comfortable and cheaper. Once done, your software should be ready for the target audience.

How to Set Up a Software Development Business in India