Learn How to Set Up a Telecommunications Business in India and Launch Your Business Now!

How to Set Up a Telecommunications Business in India

Data consumption is expected to keep on increasing, and you can make use of this opportunity. Where there is demand, there is an opportunity to create fruitful investments. India is home to the second-largest telecommunications network in the world. India has a large user base and based on its current trajectory, it is only expected to get bigger. With expanding 3G and 4G coverage, attractive tariffs and an ever-evolving pattern of consumptions; smartphones, the internet as well as e-governance, all benefited from such a development, and you too can tap into these benefits when you learn how to set up a telecommunications business in India and launch your business now!


How to Set Up Your Own Telecoms Business

Setting up a company in India is similar in many ways regarding how you would in many other countries. You will have to first, register your business and obtain the necessary licences. In between, you will have to ensure that your company is on par with all the requirements set out by authorities.

Reach out to the appropriate governmental bodies specifically, the Ministry of Communications under the Government of India. You will also have to ensure that your company meets the standards set by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) / Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC) as well as have obtained a licence.

Upon obtaining the licence, it will last 20 years for each service area and can be extended upon successful application for another additional ten years. However, despite the government being generally welcoming of local and foreign investments, the government also takes an interest in the quality of the services provided. As such, there will be a certain standard of excellence that you may have to be prepared for.

Start small by starting as a small firm in a selected area. It will grant you the experience as well as determine if you have what it takes to expand via franchise and expansion of services. It is also important to note that though you are starting small, you may need to do a lot of homework and research to ensure you have good knowledge to navigating through the actual business running and legalities. In terms of legitimacy, you may settle the large amount of paperwork. You can also hire a private accounting firm to do it on your company’s behalf. The latter can afford you actual time to run your business.


The Bottom Line

Know what to expect. This form of business like many other companies takes time before you can see returns, possibly from three to five years and to ensure that your India company has a good chance of thriving, you will likely need to invest a lot into this business. You will also need funds to cover the legality aspects of the industry such as processing, licencing and other fees.

India is a promising location to start a telecommunications business; a thriving and expanding market that is both competitive as well as lucrative for those willing to sow the seeds and with the foresight to expect returns.

How to Set Up a Telecommunications Business in India