More Schools Needed in India Justify Private Education Business

How To Start a Private Education Business in India

Education is an essential aspect of continuous living. Without education, one may not be able to strive to survive. The Indian Government recognize this basic need and requires all children to enrol into a school. Public schools cover eighty per cent of the fundamental education needs in the country. The public schools are Government funded. Recently, India reformed its National Education Policy. The NEP 2020 will replace the previous National Policy on Education 1986. The new policy aims to revamp India into a vibrant knowledge society. With the new system in place, there seems to be a brighter future to start a private education business in India.


Encouraging Policy

The policy states that it desires to achieve one hundred per cent Gross Enrolment Ratio in school education by 2030. That is only ten years from now. If you are up to starting a private education business in India, now is the time to draw up the blueprint. Despite the government efforts to provide public-funded schools, more parents are also demanding for improved education quality. Hence, there is a market opportunity for enterprising educators to shoulder part of the load. Even if you are not an educator by professional training, having a passion to shape and mould the young into versatile individuals is sufficient.


Franchise or From Scratch

Whether you are an investor or is receiving huge investments to start a private education business in India, there are several ways to do it. You could get in touch with the franchise education business. This would be the most effortless start-up as everything from the business plan to the curriculum is ready for takers. Otherwise, you could have been a product of a high-class education yourself and wishes to impart that knowledge into your private school. There are also different levels of education that you could choose to open up a school from pre-school to primary and secondary levels.


The Necessities

The process to start a private education business in India can be intimidating, especially if you are foreign to the laws in India. Still, learning is a lifetime process; hence, here’s a guide to help you begin.


The Plan

Like all matters in life, start with a plan. It is more vital for you to have a plan ready to start a private school. The wise decision is to draft a plan for ten years in advance. If you already have a plan, turn it into a formal format. This critical document will need to last the entire process.


Management Committee

It may be a business, but it needs a committee to get things off the ground. There is no way for you to this all on your own. The committee members should have good experience in education, legal, accounting, construction (if any) and business.


Critical Documents

As mentioned above, the business plan should already consist of why, where, how and when will the school commence. It should also state how the community can benefit from the school you intend to operate. Thus, it would help if you got this to the Department of Education to get a green light. If you have identified a specific area, you need to get an environment certificate. It is essential to ensure children will have a safe and secured environment to learn. There is also a need to acquire an affiliation certificate. Without it, students cannot attend public examinations or get accredited.


Land or Space

If you want to design a new school campus, you need to purchase land from the landowning agencies in India. Get in touch with the local authorities to find out more. You could also have the option to lease the ground with at least 30 years of the lease.

How To Start a Private Education Business in India