A Comprehensive Guide to Company Registration in Poland

PCompany Registration in Polandoland, strategically positioned in the heart of Europe, is rapidly gaining recognition as a prime destination for global entrepreneurs. In this comprehensive guide to company registration in Poland, we will not only outline the process but also emphasize the exceptional investment prospects this dynamic country offers.

Discover how you can establish your presence in Poland efficiently and explore the opportunities available.


Why Go for Company Registration in Poland?

Poland’s unique advantages make it an attractive choice for business expansion:

Access to the EU Market

As an EU member, Poland provides unhindered access to a market of over 500 million consumers, simplifying trade with other EU nations.

Low Corporate Income Tax

With a competitive 9% corporate income tax rate for small and medium-sized companies, Poland fosters a tax-friendly environment to enhance your profits.

Large Consumer Base

Poland’s 38 million consumers offer ample opportunities to scale your business and boost revenue. Also, you get access to the EU.

Skilled Workforce

Benefit from a highly educated and skilled workforce, fueling your company’s growth.

Strong GDP Growth

Poland consistently outperforms the EU in GDP growth, signifying a resilient economy ripe for investment.


Types of Companies in Poland

Poland offers various types of companies to choose from, each with its own investment requirements:

Limited Liability Companies

Limited Liability Companies (LLC – Sp. z o.o.) are a popular choice due to their flexibility and limited liability protection. They offer a straightforward management structure and are suitable for a wide range of businesses. To establish an LLC, a minimum of 5,000 zł of contributed capital and a nominal share value of 50 zł are required, making it an accessible option for foreigners.

Joint-Stock Partnerships

Joint-stock partnerships are well-suited for businesses looking to raise capital from multiple investors. They provide a flexible corporate structure and are advantageous when seeking investments from various partners. Joint-stock partnerships mandate a minimum of 50,000 zł of contributed capital.

Joint-Stock Companies

Joint-stock companies (S.A.) are ideal for large-scale enterprises aiming to go public and trade shares on the stock market. They allow for the public trading of shares, making them suitable for raising significant capital. Joint-stock companies (S.A.) require a minimum of 100,000 zł of contributed capital and a nominal share value of 0.01 zł.

Simple Joint-Stock Companies

For small to medium-sized businesses, Simple Joint-Stock Companies offer a simplified version of traditional joint-stock companies. They come with reduced bureaucratic requirements, making them accessible for entrepreneurs. Simple Joint-Stock Companies only need 1 zł of contributed capital, making them a cost-effective choice.


The Process for Company Registration in Poland

Registering a company in Poland can be done traditionally through a notarial deed or online via the S24 portal. Here’s a simplified guide:

Step 1: Obtain ID PESEL Number

Provide a notarized passport copy and Power of Attorney (POA) to obtain an ID PESEL number.

Step 2: Obtain Electronic Signature (ePUAP)

Sign up for an ePUAP electronic signature and complete the process.

Step 3: Provide Company Information

Prepare the necessary information for filling out the Polish Register application.

Step 4: Sign Polish Register Application

Electronically sign the prepared Polish Register application using your esignature.

Step 5: Receive Extract from the Polish Register

Upon completion, you will receive an extract confirming your company’s registration.


Setting Up an Online Company via S24

You will have to ensure all shareholders have active S24 accounts and ePUAP electronic signatures. Also, you’re required to provide details such as shareholder lists, board directors, business activities, and share capital information. Finally, sign all required documents electronically.


Fees and Stamp Duty

The cost for company incorporation in Poland is PLN 350. Similarly, the fee for changes in the Register for an already established Polish company is PLN 300. You will have to submit the application with the paid stamp duty to the relevant registry court.


Post Incorporation: What to Do After Company Registration in Poland?

After successfully setting up your company in Poland, you will receive:

  • An extract from the Register confirming your company’s registration, including details such as name, address, shareholders, board of directors, and business activities.
  • REGON (statistic) and NIP (tax identification number) numbers, along with notifications as a payer to ZUS (social security).

Ensure you follow these additional steps:

  • Pay PPC tax as a share capital fee.
  • Submit the NIP8 application within 21 days or 7 days if you intend to pay social security contributions.
  • Apply for registration as a VAT payer at least 7 days before your first transaction.

The entire process typically takes between 1 to 2 weeks, provided you do not intentionally delay your company’s establishment.



Poland’s dynamic economy, strategic location, and skilled workforce offer unparalleled opportunities for global entrepreneurs. By understanding the essentials of company registration in Poland, you can make informed decisions and embark on a successful business journey. For personalized guidance and expert assistance, consider consulting with 3E Accounting. We can help you navigate the intricacies of the Polish business landscape.

Company Registration in Poland