Start Your Business With Market Research and Abide by All Laws

How to Set Up a Maid Agency Business in India

You could be a stay-at-home parent or a full-time working parent, but having a helping hand works wonders. For a fee and a few hours, you can put your feet up and let the maid do all the house chores. This scenario is becoming more common now than it was before. Previously, a household with a maid living in-house was a sign of wealth. Nowadays, it is becoming a necessity. But not all homes can afford a live-in maid. For these family, they have the maid-by-the-hour option. Hourly maids are not necessarily for families, offices without a cleaning services contract also hire hourly maid service. Hence, the business model of hourly maids is a disruption to live-in maid options. If you plan to set up a maid agency business in India, you can start small with hourly maids.


Analysing the Market

Before you want to set up a maid agency business in India, do consider its necessity in your common area first. Start with market research of available maid agencies in your community or district. At some regions, there are just too many agencies convening in one section, while the neighbouring have one or none at all. Another factor could also be household income availability. Some household can afford but have yet to utilise such service, however. Some families are in dire need of the extra helping hand, but affordability is in question. Some may have had grave experiences with live-in maid in the past, hence, not wanting to repeat history. There are so many factors that could become a reason for you to begin a maid agency.


Recruitment Passion

If you intend to set up a maid agency in India, you will have to begin with you recruiting maids for specific tasks or all-inclusive tasks. Besides needing to adhere to legal frameworks of the business, a maid agency business is mostly about recruiting and finding the right match to requests. If you are into interviewing people and recruitment strategies, this could be your time to shine.


The Agency

After the market analysis, you may now move on with a draft business plan. How your maid agency will function, your target market, the services offered – whether you provide only live-in maids, or hourly maids, the platform you will engage with customers – online queries or walk-in queries, investment start-up and many more. The business plan should ideally cover at least five years of operation. While at it, you may even come up with a company name, a brand name for your maid agency as well as a logo. Once you have given enough thought on the company name, it is time to get the company incorporated. At this point, you must decide which business code will suit your services. The available codes are one for headhunting and recruitment maid agency, and the other is a business activity. As much as you feel that your service may not require much of office space, the Indian laws require it. Be sure to get a license for your agency so that it gives more credibility for the customers.

How to Set Up a Maid Agency Business in India